Top 5 DIY Pine Cone Christmas Tree

DIY Pine Cone Christmas Tree

Christmas trees are the symbol of celebration time and thus should be prepared with great excitement. People are well aware of the use of Christmas tree during the Christmas festival. It is very important to prepare this tree or purchase it to decorate the home. Thus, preparing one of the best Christmas trees has become the most important task during the winter holidays. There are various types of materials present that can be utilized to prepare such kinds of trees. Pine cones can be used to prepare good looking Christmas tree model in a very short duration of time. You can easily purchase or collect these pine cones for Christmas tree preparation.

Here Are The Top 5 DIY Pine Cone Christmas Tree:

Sprinkle Pine Cone Tree

The shape of the pine cone itself resembles to that of the Christmas tree. You can simply collect some of the good height and long pine cones to prepare the Christmas tree. Arrange all of these cones on the table and try to sprinkle crystal salt on it. This will help resemble to that of snow present on the cone.

sprinkle Pine cone tree

Pine Cones Tree

You can also prepare one of the best types of Christmas tree made up of only pine cones. Collect good number of pine cones from the market. Now build base using steel rods and make branches of the tree. Now hang the pine cones using the steel branches in such a manner that they completely cover the tree. Wrap up some ribbons on the tree.

Pine cones tree

Pearl Pine Cone Tree

This kind of Christmas tree preparation requires long shape pine cones. You can simply take the long shape pine cone and then spray paint with good sparkling colors. Then place the pearls in different parts of the tree. It will provide the look of pearl Christmas tree.

Pearl pine cone tree

Glittering Christmas Tree

Pine cones can be used in a different manner to provide a glittering kind of look for the Christmas tree. Collect few of the long pine cones and fix them on the respective base. Now spray paint on the individual cones using different colors. Also sprinkle good sparkling colors on the cones to provide glittering look.

Glittering Christmas tree

Glowing Christmas Tree

This type of Christmas tree is unique as it looks perfect and can provide a glowing sensation. Take one paper and wrap it in the form of cone. Now try to hang the pine cones with the help of the cone and use small LED lights in between the cones. This Christmas tree will surely look superb during night time.

Glowing Christmas tree