Top 5 Bridal Hair Accessories

Top 5 Bridal Hair Accessories

The bride needs to look perfect on her wedding day. A bride to be generally spends a tremendous amount of time picking out her wedding dress. However, no look in perfect without the perfect accessories. That is why, the bride to be should also pick out the jewelry and shoes she decides to wear on her wedding day in advance. It is also important to zero in on a particular hairstyle. This hairstyle should be elegant but not time consuming.

The bride has a lot of responsibilities on her wedding day and the last thing she wants is to get delayed because of her hair. More importantly, many hairstyles need a lot of hair pins to hold them in place which can become a matter of discomfort as the wedding progresses. A simple solution is to use a lot of accessories on your hair, but to keep the style primarily simple. Here are a few bridal hair accessories that can be used by the bride.

Accessories For Bridal Hair

A Hair Clip

A hair clip looks extremely stunning on a bride. The clip could be done in a chiffon cloth or any other cloth to match the brides wedding gown.

A Hair Clip

It could be further enhanced by diamonds and perils. The point of this hair accessory is to be more than just an item to apron the bride’s hair. The hair clip could become a piece of sparkling and glittering jewelry.

Cage Veil

A cage veil gives the bride a very retro look and distinguishes her from the other guests. The cage veil could be pinned up by a single silk flower that is white in color.

Cage Veil

The netted veil would be a great way to decorate her hair and add elegance to her entire look. A white cage veil would make the bride look immensely beautiful as it would keep a mystery about her by not revealing her entire face properly.

Floral Theme Headbands

Headbands make hair extremely manageable. They also look very pretty. For a bride, head bands should be floral themed or studded with diamonds, pearls or other such ornaments.

Floral Theme Headbands

The headband should look more like jewelry than an accessory. It should match the rest of her jewelry. The entire headband could be done in white or the band might be black which the decorative flower might be in white.

Hair Pins All Over

Buns look great on brides. The bride could have a messy bun with decorative hair pins all over. The hair pins could have a floral theme to them and the flowers could match the flowers that the bride is to carry in her bouquet.

Hair Pins

Real flowers instead of artificial ones can also be used to give her a natural touch.

A Comb Tip Veil

Comb tip veils look elegant and traditional. Veils were worn to fight off evil and also to distinguish the bride from the rest of the guests.

A Comb Tip Veil

Nowadays very few brides opt for veils as they are very difficult to manage. A comb tip veil is thus the perfect solution as it can be easily slipped on to the hair. The veil should be shoulder length but can be longer.