Top 4 Wedding Reception Games


Wedding Reception Games

There is nothing more perfect than throwing a fun filled and exciting wedding reception for the wedding couple. The party should be planned in such a way that the both the bride and groom can never forget this memorable time ahead in their future. When it comes to planning a wedding party, we all pay a whole lot of attention on the decor, music and food of the party.

But, somehow we miss the fun element which adds the zeal and energy to a party. For this, we can introduce lots of wedding reception games so as to make the party a popular hit among the guests. Let’s check out some exciting games for the wedding reception.

Various Kinds Of Wedding Reception Games

Wedding Couple’s Bingo

We all have played bingo with cards. So, what we have to do here is to play the same exciting game, but this time, the cards will spell “bride” and “groom” in place of “bingo.”

Couple’s Bingo For Wedding Reception

Other than that, use wedding facts or small love quotes related to love in place of numbers on the cards. Follow basic rules of bingo while giving away prizes to the winners like the one crossing the vertical or horizontal line first.

Purse Raid

This is a very interesting game and will definitely put a big smile on the pretty faces of the bride and the groom as they will be showered with a variety of useful gifts during this game. All you to do is to compile a list of all the basic items that the guests have in their handbags and purses like keys, cosmetics, credit cards, baked goods and other items.

Purse Raid Game For Wedding Reception

The game will be started by the host when he/she will start calling out the names of these items one by one and the one who gives maximum gifts to the wedding couple will be the winner of the game.

The Newlywed Game

This is a wonderful game for both the bride and the groom. All you have to do is to take a small interview of the groom and ask him several questions related to their relationship and the bride. For instance, questions about their first date, their first kiss or their favorite dating place.

Now, start the game by asking the same questions from the bride and see how many she guesses right. To make the game more fun, you can record a video of the groom’s interview and play back his answers in the background after the bride’s answer. You can do the same process with the groom as well.

The Newlywed Game For Wedding Reception

Love Story

This is basically a love story game where each and every guest attending the party can participate in a fun way. What you have to do is to arrange a paper and some pens.

Love Story Game For Wedding Reception

Now, start the game by giving the paper to a guest and ask him to write one line of the imaginative love story of the bride and the groom. Similarly, each and every guest will complete the paper by writing a story line on that paper just by reading the last line written on it. After all the guests have completed writing, read out this wonderful story aloud.

4 Wedding Reception Games