Top 4 Present Ideas For Men

Present Ideas For Men Giving a present is a wonderful way to make someone feel special and appreciated. Even men who shy away from sentiment love receiving gifts. But buying a present for a guy is a tough job especially if you’re a girl. Another problem is that we are so spoilt for choice these days. Gifts are divided into categories and sub-categories, often making a single purchase a difficult task. Selecting a suitable present becomes easier if you know the man in question well.

What does he like? What colors does he prefer? Does he like funky or functional things? What are his past-times? Ask yourself these questions before you pick a gift. Presents should be chosen depending on the occasion and the age of the recipient. Here are 5 present ideas for men that top our list of gifts suitable for any occasion.

Gift Ideas For Him


Men love their tech toys so the latest and coolest gadgets are certain to be a big hit. Choose from a whole range of cell-phones, tablets, play stations, cameras, telescopes and digital binoculars. The top picks include Apple’s iPhone 4, Samsung Galaxy Note, Amazon Kindle Fire, Penclic Bluetooth B2 mouse.


The very trendy Sennheiser Momentum headphones is perfect for the music lover while the Playstation 3 bundle is ideal for the movie and video game buff. It is Blu-Ray compatible and has built-in Wi-Fi among a host of other features.

If he’s the kind of guy who likes to stay connected while driving, get him the Parrot MKi9200 which is a hands-free high resolution device that will allow him to answer or make phone calls and listen to music. Most of these gifts are priced over $300 so make sure you have plenty saved up to buy them.

Cool Hip Flasks

For guys who like to store a little something to drink, a hip flask is the perfect gift. Hip flasks come in a variety of trendy designs. They are functional and affordable making them a favorite pick for men. You can get them personalized with the name of the recipient engraved on it. Hip flasks are available in classic stainless steel and pewter.

The trendy leather covered ones are easy to grip while the stainless steel flasks carry cool engravings and designs. For a hardcore football fan, pick the Manchester United football-shaped hip flask complete with the team’s crest. You can also get flasks in funky prints and colors with cool or funny wording.

Personal Care Gift Sets

This kit makes a terrific present for the well-dressed man. It comes with a selection of personal grooming products like cologne, after-shave, shaving gel/foam, body spray, deodorant, soap, shampoo, facial cleanser and bubble bath. Chanel, Dior, Clinique, Clarins, Biotherm, bareMinerals and Shiseido are some of the leading brands that sell health and personal care gift sets. You can choose from skin care, body care, manicure and shaving kits.

car care gifts

The products come in attractive cases or boxes so all you have to do is gift wrap. The prices start at $30 and can go over $100, particularly for premium brands. If you prefer to pick all his favorite items rather than sticking to one brand alone, create your own gift set by buying each product individually and packing them into a gift box.

Tool Gift Sets

Tool kits are perfect for men who like to fix things themselves. This present idea will require a little research into the different types of tools and their functions. You will also need to find out what sort of tools the recipient would like since you can end up buying something he already has.

Power tools and hand tools are sold individually as well as part of a tool kit. If the man in question already has a power drill, then consider presenting him with a box of power tool accessories like bit sets and saw blades. Multi-tools from brands like Gerber, Leatherman, Winchester and Swiss+Tech are popular picks too.