Top 13 Most Creative DIY Halloween Hairstyles


Halloween days are the best days when your child gets into a lot of creativity and fun with different Halloween looks & style. Halloween days are the one’s which will take you to your childhood days and all those funny spooky days. But these days the fad had changed and now the latest in trend are the Halloween hairstyles for girls. Halloween hairstyles are the ones in which girls come with different spooky hairstyles and designs and looks, scary look, creepy look. It includes special Halloween costumes and clips, rubber bands with scary and spooky designs of bats, evils, and skeleton.

Here Are The Top 12 Most Creative DIY Halloween Hairstyles:

Head Ornaments With Different Styles

Head ornaments and accessories in ample including hairpins, clucthers, and flat pins are very important. These clips & pins are available in the market which the users will have to buy. The Halloween includes spider style, carcass style, animal style, Lion Maine, spirit style, spooky evil style.

Head Ornaments with different styles

Googly Eyed Spider

Black pipes which is foldable or flexible. Hair pins, googley eyes of the spider which comes in plastic, black felt and pompom. After making the spider face you will have to roll your hair in the shape of bun. Then use four hairpins and attach the pipes to it and fix on the bun making the legs of the spider. Lastly, affix the eyes of spider in the centre of the bun.

Googly Eyed Spider

Spooky Bridge Style

Make two plats and leave some hair from the center of the forehead to make a third plat. Take the third plat and clip it in between making H formation and using ribbons make some bridges and towers in zigzag style and hang some funky spooky faces.

Spooky Bridge Style

Carcass Hairstyle

You can either leave your hair open or tied with plats on two sides and hang the carcass funky clips of animals or human beings which you will have to buy. You can also decorate a bit your hair with black satin ribbon in order to give it more spooky look.

Carcass hairstyle

Another way to hang the carcass clip with a dash of style to fix the carcass in the center of the hair and roll your hair over the carcass like plats and keep rolling it till the feet end of the carcass clip and pin it or tie it. And let the hands, legs and skull of the clip protrude out.

Pumpkin Hairstyle

In pumpkin hairstyle you will need a lot of pins and orange colored ribbons. Tie plats from one end of the head and roll it around the head ribbon or half. After rolling the plats with the ribbon make the hairstyle in a circular shape covering the head in the shape of pumpkin.For more refined style. Leave some parts of the hair form the middle of the skull free. After rolling your plats in your head, take the open hair and part in four ways & make a puff style and pin all hair in the center of the head. Then you can affix a green colored pin or pompom in the centre.

Pumpkin hairstyle

Cleopatra Style

Make a nice French bun or plain bun with some strands of hair open from the sides. You can even curl that hair strands. Make sure that the bun is a little loose in order to affix the serpent clips. Then you can curl the hair strands and affix serpents hanging from all sides of the strands.Don’t forget to add a serpent clip in the center of the forehead like Cleopatra.

Cleopatra Style

Little Lion Women

You can buy lion’s Maine wig which you can affix on hair with some fancy pins and clips of lion’s face paws etc. The hair wig comes in different colors and you can put the wig after tying a bun.

Little Lion women

Funky Bat

You can keep your half hair open and tie 2 high bunson both the sides and affix black ribbon and color your face. You can then affix the bat wing style clips for more effect with a small bat face clip on the center of head or make up incase you don’t get the clip.

Funky Bat

Cob Web

Make many plats from all sides of head& form spider web with the plats and then add some brown or black ribbons.

Cob web

Haunted Hairstyle Mask

This hair mask is available at market which one can buy and affix on the hair at the back with some horror makeup on the face.

Haunted hairstyle mask

Kitty Katty

This is easy style with two high buns on top and some pussy cat make up face.

Kitty Katty

Rag Doll

Rag doll involves unkempt hair style with two ponies’ and unkempt make up.

Rag doll

Bram Stoker Style

Bram stoker is another name for Dracula. It includes two high buns with Dracula make up in red and affixing some hair accessories like star pins, crescent pins etc. for dark night look.

Bram Stoker style