Top 10 Teacher Thank You And Student Appreciation Gifts

Teacher Thank You And Student Appreciation Gifts

Sometimes on occasions like Teachers Day and school functions we feel like giving our teachers few gifts owing to our attachment and respect that we have for them. The major problem comes in choosing the gift as we don’t want to embarrass ourselves and the teacher by giving an inappropriate gift. So we have saved your hassles by preparing a list of 10 Appreciation gifts that you can present your teacher without thinking twice. Below are some of the amazing teacher thank you and student appreciation gifts that you can be considered for gift.

Best Teacher Thank You and Student Appreciation Gifts Are:

Calculator Customized With A Print

Calculator is an amazing gift for your teacher as it’s a versatile gift; it will come handy to your teacher and would be easily used by him/her every day. You can customize the calculator by getting your teachers name or some phrase printed on it. Your teacher will surely love the gift

Calculator customized with a print

Greeting Note Attached Hand Sanitizer

Teachers deal with a lot of classes and hence have to deal with a lot of chalk and whiteboards which in turn makes their hands dirty and often they have to rush to clean their hands, the hand sanitizer gift will work perfectly. If you can’t think for a note to attach you can use lines like “Hands Down, You’re the best teacher around”, such quotes will really make them smile and feel proud.

Greeting note attached hand sanitizer


You can give your teacher a flowerpot and write various lines over the pot too. You can write lines like “Thank you, you helped me grow to my full potential”. You can also add a beautiful flower too if you want in the pot, but make sure to handle it correctly then. Flowerpot serves an amazing gift as whenever the teachers will see it in their house they will surely remember you.


Decorative Crockery

You can certainly give gifts like a plate or a bowl; you could have it customized with beautiful lines written for them. You could write that how much you appreciate them and that you are blessed that you got them as mentor. The teacher will also feel the warmth of the present and would be happy to receive it.

Decorative Crockery


Teachers use clipboards way too often and what amazing gift would be presenting them with a clipboard personalized just for them. You could simply write their names or beautiful quotations on it. The teacher would be happy to receive.


Water Bottle

A water bottle is a very sensible gift as it would serve a major function for the teacher. Many times teacher has to stop the class to have water and so your water bottle would just solve their problem. You can try to get it printed with the teachers name or any other thing that you want to convey. The teacher would be really glad on receiving this present as it saves them the hassle of buying another bottle and makes them feel special that the students really care for them.

Water bottle

Chocolate Bundle

Who doesn’t love chocolates and teachers are no exception, you can surely gift them a bundle of assorted chocolates and see them getting delighted on receiving them. You can also customize the box in which you would present the chocolates by attaching various things like pens or write beautiful phrases for them.

Chocolate bundle

Gift A Summer Starter Pack

You can also gift your teacher a thank you summer starter pack which would really make them happy. If you can’t find a suitable gift like that in the market you could make one yourself. All you need is a couple of beach towels, magazine, sunscreen lotion and a ribbon. Voila, the summer starter pack is ready and the teacher a very happy person.

Gift a summer starter pack

Customized Bookmarks

Most of the teachers are avid readers and would surely love to receive bookmarks, the best thing about gifting bookmarks is that you can convey whatever you feel like by writing on them and when the teacher would use it to mark a page, and they would read it and feel happy which would suddenly lighten up their day.

Customized bookmarks

A Handmade Card

Nothing beats a handmade card, teachers just love them and no amount of gifts would equal a handmade card. It shows the teacher the amount of respect and admiration you have for them and that actually you gave some part of your day to make something just for them. Make sure you write whatever you truly feel for the teacher and applaud him for their amazing work.

A handmade card