Top 10 Ideas For Prom Themes

Every teenager in high school lives a dream of going to the prom with his/her partner. This involves days of preparations for the dress, the look, the date and so on. Everything needs to be at par with their expectations. Hence, giving the finest prom becomes a huge responsibility.

Ideas For Prom Themes

Once the themes for prom are decided, everything else can be linked to the theme and planning for the event becomes much easier. So, here are top 10 ideas for prom themes to make every teen at the promenade cheer with joy and make it a success.

Different Types Of Prom Themes


A masquerade theme is very interesting for high school boys and girls. It keeps the element of surprise on for everyone. Games for finding your partner among all students can be arranged to add to everybody’s fun and zeal.

Masquerade Ideas For Prom Themes

Romeo And Juliet

Everybody at the prom is allowed to enter the venue only with a partner. Generally, these are couples in deep infatuation with each other. Hence, a Romeo and Juliet theme will bring in a feel of romance at the prom.

Romeo And Juliet Ideas For Prom Themes


A gambling night would provide fun games and activities to the prom. Teenagers are not generally allowed at casinos. Therefore, creating a casino environment at the prom would get them very excited. Decorations can include slot machines and roulette tables.

Casino Ideas For Prom Themes


The twilight saga has picked up interest among a lot of teens world over. Dressing up like characters from the movie can be a lot of fun. Also, the movie is based on the rivalry between the vampires and werewolves clan. So, having this theme at the prom could have some students cheering on one side and the rest on the other, thus creating an amusing sight.

Twilight Ideas For Prom Themes


A carnival theme puts in a lot of color and enthusiasm in the minds of all. All students can be dressed in colorful shimmery costumes, adding the bling factor to the prom. They will be sizzling and shining till the end of the night.

Carnival Ideas For Prom Themes

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“I am Bond, James Bond”, reminds all of us of guns and roses. Elegance and charm are the weapons of James Bond. This theme is sure to make all girls swoon over the boys. Fresh roses can be arranged at the entrance so that when any couple enters each partner gets to give a rose to the other.

Bond Ideas For Prom Themes

Rock And Roll

Dancing is a huge part of any prom night. Hence, a theme which is based on dance will make all teens rock and roll in the pleasure and will add a lot of groove to the evening with a live band arranged too.

Rock And Roll Prom Themes


Hollywood is a wide open theme wherein the students can pick any category of movies and dress up like any character. Various famous character posters can be scattered and placed all over the venue. The students then can each pose with any character they like and get their pictures clicked.

Hollywood Prom Themes


A tribal concept would bring in freshness in a prom. Instead of the usual dressing styles of only the short dresses or evening gowns, students would put in more effort in grooming themselves. A lot of props and paints could be used to enhance the look of every student and the best dressed couple could then be awarded with a prize. Tribal Prom Themes

Red Carpet

The Red Carpet is a formal theme where all the young men have to don the tuxedos and the young women have to wear their evening gowns looking all chic and fashionable.A red carpet can be arranged leading to the venue door to make them feel special.