Top 10 Festive Christmas Wreaths You Can Easily DIY

Festive Christmas Wreaths

Christmas brings huge joy as well as excitement to people of all age groups. People are really boosted with huge energy and enthusiasm.  You can simply see the madness that people show in order to celebrate Christmas function. There are lots of arrangements done in order to celebrate the function. Decorative items are the special kind of attractions that are generally used in the home. Most of the decorative items that are used in the home are made manually. Christmas Wreaths are common types of decorative items that need to be built with best talent. These wreaths can be prepared with some of the best materials that are commonly found at home. Various types of traditional as well as modern style of Christmas Wreaths are being used during Christmas events.

Here Are The Top 10  Festive Christmas Wreaths You Can Easily DIY:

Pearl Balls

Pearls balls are a good combination of artificial pearls that can be arranged in a certain pattern to provide the look of Christmas Wreaths.  Take artificial pearl looking balls of various shapes. Now use one round base and stick the pearls on the round base using glue. You can also spray paint the entire arrangement to provide best kind of look.

Pearl balls

Feather Wreath

Feather wreath can be easily prepared by making use of good colored feathers of various birds.  The feather from the bird such as peacock can be taken and tied around the round base. You can also use other types of feathers from different birds. Peacock feathers contain good color combination and also look unique during Christmas event.

Feather wreath

Paper Wreath

Paper wreath is very easy to prepare and can be prepared with good types of color papers. Simply collect velvet type color papers and cut them in the form of rhombus. Now take one round base and stick the rhombus shape papers one after the other. The arrangement of various color papers will enhance the look of the Christmas Wreaths.

Paper wreath

Curly Wreaths

Curly wreaths can be prepared by using normal paper strips that are turned to make curly shapes. Take various types of colored and pattern papers and drag them perfectly to make them curl. Now use one round ring as the base and stick all curly paper strips on the base. This is a light weight Christmas Wreaths that looks attractive and can be hanged on the door or wall.

Curly wreaths

Coffee Filter Paper

The filter paper that is generally used to filter the coffee can be used in a perfect manner to prepare best kind of Christmas Wreaths at home. You can squeeze the filter paper in a good pattern and then stick the paper on the ring base using glue. It will look superb when hanged on the wall or door.

Coffee filter paper

Candy Wreaths

Candy wreaths are special kind of wreaths that are prepared by using candy cane. This particular type of candies come in the form of cane and hence can be used to prepare various types of shapes and figures.  You can simply use the cane to provide respective kinds of shapes. Use red candy cane to prepare heart shape or star shape for special type of look.

Candy wreaths

Leaves Wreath

Leaves can be used in various formats to prepare Christmas Wreaths. You should collect some best kinds of show plants leaves that comprises of various types of colors. These colors will be helpful to provide unique types of look to the entire wreath. Collect these leaves and tie it slowly on the round rod. It will give a bushy look and can be hanged on the wall.

Leaves wreath

Image Wreath

Image wreath is a special type of arrangement that is generally done for personal use.  All the family members’ images are taken in various forms and then cut into circular format. You can also include these images into paper frame. Now try to stick the image frames on a round base using glue.  This proper arrangement will help to build proper Christmas Wreaths.

Image wreath

Star Wreaths

Star wreaths also look superb as they are made with glittery materials. First take various kinds of glittery papers and then cut them perfectly in the shape of stars. Now collect few of these glittering stars and start sticking them on the round base.  It will help to get the best type of star Christmas Wreaths that are light weight and it can be hanged on the wall.

Star wreaths

Ribbon Wreath

Ribbons are quite easily available in the market and they can be easily utilized to prepare decorative items. Take dotted red and white color ribbons to prepare this particular type of Christmas Wreath. Use a round base for the foundation. Now prepare proper shapes from ribbons and stick the shapes in alternate manner. The white red Christmas Wreath combination looks superb.

Ribbon wreath