5 Toddler Birthday Party Games

Toddler Birthday Party Games

As your toddler’s birthday arrives with treats and goodies for all the good boys and girls on the block, these interesting party games spread more fun and cheer and keep the adrenalin rush on as you whip up fancy recipes for cute little cherubs.

So get ready to be creative and add loads of frolic and enjoyment to your throbbing birthday party!

The Great Birthday Maze

1. Planning The Game

This is great game for breaking the ice and getting the kids on the move. Buy a few balls of brightly colored wool or yarn and tie a small gift at one end and a pencil on the other.

Hide the gift away in one cozy part of the room and keep on unwinding the ball as you go around the sofa, pieces of furniture, under the legs of the table and so on.

Who Is The Winner?

The process should be repeated for all the other balls as well, to create a criss cross of strings and a colorful ambiance .Each child gets a pencil and has to go hunting for his gift as he keeps on rolling the yarn back onto the pencil. The first to find the gift is obviously the winner.

Planning The Game

2. Mystery Stocking

Filling Up Mystery Items In The Stocking

Fill up an attractive stocking with small objects from your kid’s room. You can put in a box of crayons, a ball, toy car, and a pack of cards along with a few candies. The stocking is then passed around to kids sitting in a circle.

Filling Up Mystery Items In The Stocking

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3.  Guess And Recite!

They have to feel the contents and recite their names aloud. The child with the highest number of correct guesses gets the standing ovation and the prize.

This Isn’t Alphabet Soup

Inscribe the letters of the alphabet on small pieces of paper. Remember to make them bright and colorful and hand them out to small teams of four kids. They have to form words which contain the letters given to them. The team that comes up with four complete words becomes the winner. Does this remind you of Scrabble- eh?

 Guess And Recite!

4. Who Am I?

Finding The Cutest Cartoon Characters

For this interesting game, you need to purchase quit a few cute caps and pin the name of a cartoon character. Each child is made to wear a cap on arrival and the name should be hidden on view. After announcing the rules of the game, the children have to mingle and inquire about their identity from others.

Finding The Cutest Cartoon Characters

5. Guessing The Correct Identity Pays Good Returns

The hints should be discrete and no direct clues to the name should be permitted. It is really interesting to see the cute little kids go around asking for clues to their names and identity. The child who gets the name correct becomes the winner.

Guessing The Correct Identity Pays Good Returns

These great Christmas party games promise to make your party all the more fun filled and exciting as you prepare to serve your round of goodies and treats.