Tips To Have The Perfect Wedding Reception

Tips To Have The Perfect Wedding Reception Whether or not you accept, the bonds of love and matrimony are the sweetest ones and each person at least once in his or her lifetime is incased by this immensely pleasurable feeling. To be marrying the person you love in front all your family and friends and in the gracious presence of god, is a very precious day in all our lives.

We all secretly or otherwise have always planned our dream wedding. For young girls and boys it is one of the most fascinating games to play, to get married playfully and then hold a grand wedding reception, only that, the reception that we have at the age of 11 years is quite different from the actual one.

After the actual marriage has taken place, it is the wedding reception that all wait eagerly for. In fact, a wedding reception is the formal occasion where most of the invited guests and friends and family come and bless the newly wed couples. So undoubtedly, a wedding reception is on everyone’s front cards and needs planning, preciously an elaborate one.

Greeks Or Indians; Some Rituals Remain The Same

All over the world, as the mindset of the people and the ethno-cultural trends change, the style and fashion of a wedding reception varies greatly but a few things, which you have to have, are more or less the same everywhere, guests, laughing and enjoying themselves are same everywhere. The cake and food may be a little different depending on your palate but no wedding reception is complete without them.

The Indisputable Provisos For The Perfect Wedding Reception

These are simple essentialities and nothing even close to being ‘tough to manage’, unlike the general perception that people have. A few basic things if sorted, you are all set to go forth with a ravishing wedding reception party.

First Thing First, Decide The Venue

Since, the wedding reception party has to be a big affair, deciding the right venue is apparent. You cannot let this step go wrong; as all other ventures that you make with respect to the wedding reception depends on this. A few things have to kept in mind before settling for a particular place, the number of guests you plan to invite or the kind of wedding reception games you plan to play and of course the budget are the important ones. If you go for a thematic wedding, choose the venue accordingly. It should not be a miss match later or you would end up with guests dressed like Hawaiian dancers in an Indian wedding reception setting.

People Add The Soul To Your Party So Invite Guests

Is it ever possible to imagine a wedding reception without happy faces? The very purpose of throwing a wedding reception party is to call close friends and family and celebrate the beginning of the new journey, which is your life post marriage with all their warm regards and blessings. So due care must be taken while making the guest list and preferably all the invitations must be given away well before time so that no one misses the occasion due to a time crunch.

At the reception venue, you can be creative with the guest book. Instead of the usual, boring names, you can also include pictures of the invitees. Now depending on the wedding reception budget, you can decide the number of guests but make sure that no close soul misses out.

Do Not Miss The Décor; It Makes A Party Worth Those Snapshots

A successful wedding reception would only be a dream if you neglect the candles or tables. In fact, a wedding is worth remembering for a long time and becomes the talk of the town if the décor and setting is awe spinning. It depends on the theme or your taste which decorations you incorporate in the setting. There are a number of options for the linens and the table settings, which you can choose.

You can give another personal touch to the table numbers. Instead of the usual names of the guests, you can put their pictures and a catchy phrase about them. People like them so much that often carry home these plates after the wedding reception. If the party is at night, add many candles, which not only set the mood going but also are symbolic of love and eternity.

Set The Floor Ablaze; Dance And Sing In Style

Music is an integral part of wedding reception parties in all parts of the world. So make sure that your guests get an experience of a lifetime. Select nice music and prepare an enchanting wedding dance with your partner. You may also think of getting yourself trained professionally in some ballroom boot camp prior to the wedding.

Tips To Have The Perfect Wedding Reception

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The choice of music is also crucial. Many prefer soft and romantic tracks but the younger generations would groove to the more hip numbers. Disc jockeys or DJ’s as they are popularly called are a welcome scene in almost all wedding reception parties today. You can select the best one in town and definitely ‘dance your way out’.

Party Games Never Go Wrong

Another cool aspect of wedding reception parties are the games that you play. Entertaining people, at times can be a little tricky especially with a bunch of people with different tastes. So try to be innovative but at the same time do not choose extra crazy games or games that require a lot of physical exertion. This would be a big turn off as many people; the girls especially would hate it if after every gaming session they have to run to the washroom to touch up.

If you can afford why not hire some professional entertainers who would charm the guests by their acts. Belly dancers can be a big hit and you never know how many hidden belly dancers you have right in your family. Everyone would sure enjoy it. A classic game of housie or bingo is still a favorite. If the guest list comprises mostly of likeminded friends who love being daring, you can play a sizzling game of ‘truth or dare’. Well, there are thousands of ideas out there that would make sure that none of your guest dozes off in the wedding reception.

Can’t Be Hungry Long; Plan A Lip Smacking Menu

After all the dancing and games, you would sure be thirsty. Apart from the usual wines or other alcoholic beverages, you can also go for an espresso counter or a juice bar. Ladies often like being served bloody Mary or a tall glass full of coconut and mint punch so make sure that that the cocktails are perfect.

Dessert counters are hugely popular nowadays and the guests love seeing the wide array of sweets and chocolates. You can play safe by having a classic chocolate fountain. The wedding reception is inchoate and practically impossible without the cake. Choose one, which is a treat to the eyes, and start your sweet married life with a sweet piece of heaven. You should try to avoid flavors like coconut that many people are allergic to.

To Add The Cherry On The Cake; Wear Your Best Smile

Now that you have an idea how to make your wedding reception unforgettable, make sure that you be happy and laugh your heart out. Enjoy to the fullest and do not let any worries come in way. It is after all your wedding and you definitely deserve the best.