4 Tips For Fun Graduation Party Decorations

Tips For Fun Graduation Party Decorations

A graduation is always a reason to celebrate, not just for the graduate but for the entire family as well especially the parents. It is only right to make the graduation party as festive as possible and there is no better way to do that than through party decorations.

The decorations are the first thing that the guests see as soon as they arrive to your party and they also help in setting the mood for the party. Since you are having a graduation party then the decorations should also be in line with the theme of a graduation. Here are a few ideas that you can use as graduation party decorations.

Tips For Fun Graduation Party Decorations

1. Graduation Caps

Graduation caps are one of the most popular graduation party decorations. It is after all the most recognizable symbol for the graduation ceremony. As soon as your guests see the graduation cap decorations then they will immediately know that the party is in celebration of a graduation. To make the graduation cap or mortarboard decorations, you will need some black construction paper or cardboard.

Just cut a square piece for the top portion and a rectangular piece to make the band on the graduation cap. You can make the graduation cap decorations in different sizes to make them more interesting to look at. You can make actual size graduation caps as well as small ones to hang from the ceiling of the party venue.

 Graduation Caps

2. Table Centrepiece

Each table at the graduation party should also have a centrepiece to make it more festive. Just like the other aspects of the graduation party, the table centrepiece must also follow the graduation theme of the celebration. To create the centrepiece, just use some flowers and arrange them on a low vase. After arranging the flowers, you can decorate the centrepiece with tiny rolled diplomas or paper graduation caps.

You can also insert the photo of the graduate into the table centrepiece. When creating table centrepieces, remember to keep their height low. This is to make sure that the guests can still talk to one another during the party. If the centrepiece is too high then the guests will have to crane their necks to be able to see or talk to the other person across the table.

Table Centrepiece

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3. Personalized Place Mats

One unique way to create personalized place mats for the graduation party is to print a blank diploma on a thick paper. The printed diploma will be used as a place mat with the name of the guest printed on it. They can also serve as the guide for the guests to locate their seats during the party.

Personalized Place Mats

4. Balloons

Balloons are very popular decorations for all kinds of parties including graduation parties. For a graduation party, you can use balloons with the word “congratulations” printed on it. The phrase “class of 2011” can also be printed on the balloons for the graduation party. At the end of the party, the guests can take home the balloons especially if there are young children attending the graduation party.