Tips For Choosing On A Wedding Theme

Tips For Choosing On A Wedding Theme “There is no such cozy combination as man and wife”, -Menander. Indeed, marriages are made in heaven, though the tougher job of planning for them is left on us to decide up on!! Planning for that dream marriage is thus very crucial in today’s time. From time immemorial, people have taken the ceremonial gatherings associated with marriage very seriously. It not only is a tie that bonds two hearts together for a journey of lifetime, it also serves the purpose of uniting two families together. So it definitely is an occasion which requires a lot of planning.

If we take a look at the chronological timeline, the trends for wedding theme have seen a very substantial change. From more private and simple occasions in the yester years, to today’s pimp and glamorous wedding theme, marriages are no more just uniting bonds.

The face value of everything nowadays is given a topmost priority. Marriages are no different. Every girl from her very young years plans of her dream wedding theme; some talk about it whereas others fantasize secretly. But planning for the ‘D-Day’ begins from very early, indeed. But when the actual time comes for wedding to take place, most people are clueless. And it is indeed a very tough job managing through everything. So here are a few tips which could make the job of wedding planning simpler.

Wedding Theme – A Central Idea

One thing which is really popular nowadays with people is a wedding theme. So what is a wedding theme after all? Just like birthday parties or a prom night where the invitation calls for a particular dress code for you to wear, keeping in mind the theme for the night, a wedding theme is something similar. It is a comparatively newer concept where a central theme is chosen and all the ceremonies are done in that fashion.

Today themes range from garden settings to the more popular ones like the beach weddings. All the preparations for the day are done accordingly and everything from clothes to food to décor is done to compliment the wedding theme. A few key points should be taken care of while choosing your desired wedding theme.

Season Plays A Key Role

A good wedding theme would be totally spoilt if you mess up with season. So before anything you plan, you must choose your preferences keeping in mind the season. For example a ‘gothic style’ wedding which entails the use of dark colors, would be a total flop if chosen for a summer wedding. Also other essentialities like flowers are also dependent on the season.

So if you imagine your wedding picture surrounded by sunflowers or wild dahlias, make sure that you marry in winters. Other flowers which can adore a wedding theme are lilies and asters which are both fall flowers and add a warm hue to the place. Another thing is which is affected by the season is food and beverage. You must take into consideration the season and the genre of the wedding before deciding on the menu.

Painting Your Marriage -Choosing The Principle Color Codes

The fun and the creative aspects begin with choosing two or more colors which complement each other very well. These combinations or color codes should be the central colors and are generally incorporated in bulk of the wedding theme.

Tips For Choosing On A Wedding Theme

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The fun part is that there are no set rules as such and you and your partner can sit and decide the colors which would rule your wedding pictures. Black and white is undoubtedly the most common wedding theme color and in case you cannot come to a common point of agreement, you can be sure that these would not go wrong.

Cultural Vista – Choosing The Genre

It is very ‘in’ nowadays to have a Hawaiian style wedding theme or an ethnic Rajasthani ‘shaadi’. People are well-travelled in today’s time and seek adventure in everything that they do. So it is apparent that this craze for ethnic or a cultural wedding theme would be on the hike. This is completely up to an individual to decide what kind of a theme they choose. There is an array of such ethno-cultural themes which you can choose from. Pure Indian style wedding or a biker’s style or whatever that suits your persona can be chosen and made the central wedding theme.

The color codes chosen should also compliment this style. Choosing the right genre is an indispensible prerequisite as all other details revolve around your theme. For example, for an Indian wedding theme, red and gold are the principle colors and the flowers or the center pieces all should have a flavor of India, no matter where your marriage venue is. Consequently the marriage cake could be in the shape of the Taj Mahal or other prominent Indian monuments.

Venue -Choosing Your Abode For The Day

Any wedding theme would be inchoate if that perfect venue is not chosen which would add the final touch to the marriage. Imagine a retro style wedding theme being hosted on a beach!! Aahh!! Certainly something that you would not want to see when you go through your wedding album. So to make all those hectic preparations worth the effort, a perfect venue is imperative. Many new ideas have come up over the recent years and a wide variety of venue options for all kinds of wedding themes are available.

People also like to add a little more pimp by getting married in private islands or resorts which have elaborate arrangements which make your task of planning the wedding theme and other accessories very easy. Since all the sought after wedding venues or banquet halls are pre booked, make sure that you plan out a little early so that you can enjoy your dream wedding on the Hawaiian Big islands with palm trees and that perfect red setting sun as your backdrop, unceasingly.

“Clothes They Say, Maketh A Man” – Choosing Clothes And Accessories

Depending up on your wedding theme the choice of the wedding dress is crucial. A Rajasthani wedding theme would be incomplete without a traditional embroidered sari for the bride with a handful of mehendi. Similarly a disco wedding theme would be complemented by colorful bell bottom pants and crazy hairs.

So to add that edge to your wedding theme you must choose your apparels with care. Accessories too are very important. From netted bird cage veils to boleros to warmer wraps for the winters, brides have a lot to choose from. Though the conventional white gown and black three piece suits still are a bestseller for brides and grooms respectively, the newer generations are not hesitant in trying out different attires and costumes to match up to their wedding theme.

Your wedding theme should be such that you look up to getting married over and over again. So now before you change your wedding plans just because you find them harrowing, think again. Start planning a little early and you would see for yourself how happy you are on that special day.