Tips For 10th Anniversary Celebrations

A long lasting marriage is just like wine- it keeps getting better with age. While 10 years might not be that long for this relationship of a lifetime, it is certainly a landmark earmarking a full decade of togetherness and love. So, although you may struggle to remember this day every year, a celebration is definitely on the cards for the 10th anniversary.

10th Anniversary Party

If you love parties, what better occasion to throw one than the 10th anniversary? Invite all your close friends and relatives to join you on this occasion and bless you for a longer life of commitment to each other.

While new friends are certainly welcome, try inviting those who attended your wedding in the first place. This will set the theme for some fond memories from the beginning of your marriage; the fun and frolic, the jokes and pranks, the glitches and errors can all be relived through these old friends.

An excellent idea to get those involved who are close to your heart but unable to attend the event, due to geographical separation or any other reason, is to set up a webcam and invite them to access it. This way they can log in to the celebration and extend their wishes to you, albeit from a distance

Intimate Celebration Between The Two Of You

For those of you who do not want the noise and pomp of a full blown party, an intimate affair between just the two of you will be quite romantic. Any of the following will be a good idea for the couple still in love:Buy or rent a CD of the movie that you had first watched together and spend a cozy night together watching it in each other’s arms.

Compile a mixed tape of the songs that you used to listen and enjoy during the initial years of your relationship. Create a romantic ambience with candles, dim lights and flowers and dance the night away swaying to the nostalgic music.If possible, go down to the city or venue where you got married to relive the memories of your special day 10 years back.

10th Anniversary Gifts

Nothing can be more romantic than a poem that you compose for your beloved. You may not be William Wordsworth, but a goofy poem will also become memorable if it can bring a smile on the lips of your partner.

For gifting purposes, tin or aluminum is considered to be the traditional choice as it symbolizes flexibility and adaptability. A decorative picture frame (with the picture of two of you, of course), jewelery box, mirror or even a cookie box (with a love note inside) in tin or its alloy will make a beautiful gift.

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Modern gift giving mainly hovers around diamonds and blue sapphire, depending on the affordability. Diamond symbolizes exquisite beauty and durability just as your decade old marriage does. A ring or pendent in one of these gemstones will be a gift very well received.

Pick up a bouquet of Daffodils to go along with any gift of your choice and cherish the look on the face of your sweetheart.

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