Things To Do On Father’s Day

A father tends to be seen as a second parent to his children. This simply has to do with mother’s ubiquitous presence around their kids due to the traditional family structure. On an average, fathers seem to get less time with their kids. Fathers’ day is a great idea to celebrate that bond between a child and his father, which is just as strong as it is between a child and his mother. Let’s see what are the fun things one could plan for Fathers’ day to be memorable.

Things To Do On Father's Day

How to Celebrate Father’s Day

Arrange For A Picnic

The good old outdoor picnic never goes out of fashion. It is a great way to relax and spend time with one another in the family without getting bothered by the practicalities of the day which keep us so occupied otherwise that we don’t really get enough time with our family even while sharing the same roof.

Things To Do On Father's Day

You could prepare a lunch and carry it with you. Every child, no matter what the age, is ready to get messy in the kitchen. It would be even great if their father did it with them. Mothers could of course keep a watch, but from a distance. This is their day and they don’t want to be guided or directed.

Go Fishing

When was the last time you did that with your father? Isn’t it the most boring yet most exciting of things? Sitting together, chatting up, while trying to keep an eye on a fish or two could be a great way to spend time with your father. If you haven’t engaged in this activity ever, or you cannot remember the last time you did, maybe this Fathers’ day is just for that.

Take your fishing rods out and go fishing. If you are in a generous mood ask your mother, too, to accompany you if she does not mind getting bored looking at you guys, or lounging with a book under a tree, while you sit around waiting for fish with your hooks dangling in water.

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Show Your Love

Arrange for something that your father always wanted to own or wanted to do. In his busy life, chances are that he had forgotten all about it.

Things To Do On Father's Day

It is here that mothers could help. As they say there is a child in every man, go down in his childhood or young- adult days and figure out things he liked back then, and make them happen for him now.

Express Your Sentiments

There are things that money can’t buy, and these are always of utmost emotional value. Get creative; make something for your father– or betteroff, make something with him. Anything with your touch will have a sentimental value for him. If you cannot think of anything, just write him a plain letter telling him how much he means to you!

Go Down The Memory Lane

Things To Do On Father's Day

Last but not the least, spend time at home and be nostalgic. Get out all old photo albums and family home videos of your birthdays, anniversaries, high school graduation, etc. Spend the day lounging about and reminiscing. Watch a movie in the evening, go crazy dancing on tunes from your father’s time, sing karaoke, and end it with a special family dinner.