3 Themes Ideas For A Bridal Shower

Themes Ideas For A Bridal Shower

Most girls have been brides in their heads, maybe more than a 100 times, but when the day finally approaches, every single thing seems surreal. The bride-to-be is obviously happy, but she’s a bit anxious, frightened and confused (I am omitting “freaked out”). It is customary for her bridesmaids to hold a bridal shower prior to the wedding to honor the bride-to-be.

 Themes Ideas For A Bridal Shower

It takes away her mind from the wedding, relaxes her, makes her immensely happy and gives her a priceless memory that she’ll cherish forever. So, the theme of the bridal shower is extremely important, for the sole reason that it is her most important event before the wedding!

Ideas for Bridal Shower

A Patisserie for the Pastry Lover Bride

If the bride loves pastries and cakes (cute little muffins eligible too), you can open a patisserie for just a day. What comes to your mind when you say the word “patisserie”? I am guessing elegant décor in hues of pink, mauves, silver and whites. You can choose any color you like.

The décor should also complement the color. Arrange for small 2 or 3 seater tea tables. You can have umbrellas over the tables if you’re hosting the soiree outside. Arrange for a big table where you can display a collection of pastries for the bride and her guests.

Keep other snacks too, I would suggest tea, coffee, cookies, cinnamon buns, chips, patties and mince pies. If you’re arranging for favors you can give away  assorted pastries in a nice little box to each guest.

Patisserie for the Pastry Lover Bride

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A Fashion Party For The Fashionista Bride

If the bride loves fashion and décor you can arrange for a lovely and fashionable bridal shower. Request the guests to wear the most fashionable clothes they can think of like gowns, hats, jewelry, makeup, fancy hand bags and sexy shoes.

The party décor should be very pretty. You can display huge umbrellas, hats and sunglasses or showcase some pretty bags. Make a ramp/stage by spreading a bread-spread on the floor. You can make the guests “walk the ramp” and top it off by asking the bride to become the “show-stopper”.

The menu can be anything that you like and the cake can be shaped like dress or a shoe. As favors you can give away things like lipsticks, gloss, eye-shadow palettes, nail paints etc.

Fashion Party

The Favorite Color

If you’re not sure of what theme to choose you can always go along the “best-color” theme. For this, you at least need to know the bride’s favorite color. Once you know the favorite color you will have everything else in place! Decorate the place according to the color theme only; you may however, choose different shades of the color.

Say if her favorite color is pink you can use baby pink, dark pink, fuchsia etc. the trick is to play with the colors really well without over-stepping the theme. The food should also have touches of the color in them, for example if the color is orange you can have orange juice or orange-colored cream muffins etc. the bridal shower cake needs to be the bride’s favorite color and flavor. If you’re giving away favor put them in small bags or wrap them paper that matches the clolor theme as well.

The Favorite Color