6 Themes For Summer Day Camps

6 Themes For Summer Day Camps

The summer vacation for kids can without doubt be one of the most challenging times for their parents. Keeping kids entertained for a period of 3 months is no mean job. Ensuring that they enjoy their holidays all the while doing something productive could be tricky. The only way out which many parents prefer today is the summer camp.Summer camps initially started out as a group of people generally known as “campers” going into the woods for activities like hiking, campfires etc. But today it has evolved into places with many other activities like singing, painting etc. Should you visit any summer camp now, you are most likely to find kids of all ages immersed in activities in which they are interested and also suit them. If you decide to host a summer camp or enrol your kid in one; here are some of the themes which can be included in the camp activities

Theme Ideas For Summer Day Camps

1. Adventures And Fiction

Adventures And Fiction

Some of the most popular themes include fantasy, fiction etc. The kids are made to dress in costumes and play out the roles from popular folklore, like snow white, Alice in wonderland, etc. Also incentives like treasure hunts can be included. Other themes include historical ideas like Ancient Egypt where mazes similar to the crypts can be created and kids can be dressed up like pharaohs.

2. Blast From The Past

Blast From The Past

A lot of parents today feel that kids are losing touch with their roots. What better way to describe it to them than to host a theme for it. Various kinds of themes like culture of the 80’s – the dressing style, mannerisms and food culture etc. and also commemorating great artists from the renaissance by exhibiting their paintings can be done in order to educate kids about their history.

3. Superhero Theme

Superhero Theme

Which kid doesn’t like super heroes?Dressing up like Superman or Batman is every kid’s fantasy to date. Hence, a superhero theme is an excellent idea to keep the kids engrossed. This theme can include missions, characters super villains and also gifts. It is easy and fun to plan since it keeps the kids interested.

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4. Science Adventures

Who says studying can’t be fun? Designing a cool science project for kids is no mean job. Apart from the knowledge involved, one also has to ensure that the kids stay focused and don’t lose interest. But with the right kind of topics and implementation many interesting science projects can be designed. For example, designing model rockets that work, innovative instruments that can be used in houses and interesting facts about the outer space are some ideas which keep the kids interested.

Science Adventures

5. Sports

Sports play an important role in the all-round development of the kids. They help in maintaining the physical fitness. All sports like cricket, football, basketball, tennis etc. are generally organised in all camps. Apart from these other activities like swimming, surfing etc. can also be included.


6. Celebrities

The life and times of great personalities across the globe makes for an interesting and inspirational read for kids. It helps in the overall development of their personality. Apart from these many other innovative themes exist like Jungle themes, exploration, Hollywood history, Arts expo etc. So the best way would be to pick up themes that offer a lot of knowledge and also are fun for the kids.