The Top Five Christmas Toys For Kids

Christmas toy gifts for kids

Christmas toy gifts for kids Christmas is the time for festivities and fun, love and affection, getting and receiving gifts. This is the time of the year when you want your kids to be happy and cheerful, and can there be a better way to do so than giving them the gifts they want?

Christmas is the ideal occasion to give your little ones toys and games, chocolates and candies and all other things that are sure to bring a smile to their lips. But how do you know what gifts the kids are going to like? The shops are so full of various things, how will you make the right choice? Let’s have a quick look at the most popular Christmas toys and games for kids.

Five Christmas Toys For Kids

Zhu Zhu Pets

These have been really popular among the kids. These toys have the ability to react to their surroundings with the help of artificial intelligence. Your children are sure to love this wonder toy if they are between three to ten years.

Zhu Zhu pet

Zhu Zhu pets are toy hamsters that you can get in 5 various types. Mr. Squiggles, known as “the explorer”, Pipsqueak – known as “the dare devil”, Chunk – known as “the surfer”, NumNums, who is the “food lover”, Patches, who is the “flower lover” are the five various types.

Bakugan Warriors

These are the well known characters from the popular Cartoon Network shows. The little ones are crazy about these toys. Go to any kids’ gift store and you are sure to find options galore when it comes to these Japanese warriors. Bakugan Warriors include Bakugan toy marbles.

Bakugan Warriors

These, when made to roll on the magnetic game card, open up to reveal the Warrior. Kids will surely have fun battling it out with their Bakugan to reveal the strongest and the most powerful among them.

Barbie And The 12 Princess

Barbie dances and interacts in three different ways, including two interactive modes. In “Performance” mode, she performs many dance programs to her own recorded audio. She will show and tell you how to perform every dance movement in “Teach Me” mode.


 And finally, she will move her left leg and arms in direct reaction to your movements when you wear the included foot and wrist controllers in “Play with Me” mode. This is one of the most cherished gifts for the kids.

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Educational Toys

These toys are also known as learning toys. It is the desire of all parents to provide your child with the opportunities to learn. Toy makers are happy to help the parents in addressing this issue. Learning through the play is a fact; it can and it is done unintentionally all the time whenever your kid plays with these toys.

Electronic educational toys

The parent should, however, control the play so that it remains on an educational course. There are a large number of educational toys available for purchase today. However, parents should be clear about how exactly kid educational toys and games work.

Nintendo DS Light

One of the greatest Christmas toys for kids is the Nintendo DS light. It functions a lot of exciting and fascinating games and has touch enabled screen technology including a touch pen that also gives an educational learning practical experience.

Nintendo DS Light

It has wireless networking capabilities and a twenty hour rechargeable battery enabling this gadget to be utilized on field trips in the car. It has a highly effective dual processor that creates the 3D graphics of the many available games to life; you can also challenge other Nintendo DS owners around the world.

Thus, these are some of the best Christmas toys for the kids that can bring an everlasting smile to their face.