The Top 5 Delicious Thanksgiving Day Party Foods

The Thanksgiving is the wonderful time of the year when every household is in an extremely festive mood. Individuals irrespective of their ages come together to celebrate this event with great pomp and show. There exists amazing warmth among the people and relatives, friends, neighbours and acquaintances get in touch with each other, visit each other and celebrate this occasion together.

Among all, the major attraction is the delicious, yummy, mouth-watering Thanksgiving Day party foods that add a feather to the cup of the festival. People cook delicious food items for their relatives, pals and children and enjoy this festival whole heartedly. Here are the top 5 Thanksgiving Day Party Foods Ideas.

Thanksgiving Day Party Foods

Apple And Sweet Potato Soup

Apple and Sweet Potato Soup is an amazing food to greet the guests on the Thanksgiving Day. The favourite seasonal fruit of the fall season – Apple when combined with sweet potato provides a tasty and sweetened version of the potato soup.

Apple And Sweet Potato Soup

This acts as a wonderful starter to the amazing Thanksgiving Day and imparts sweetness to every relation perfectly. It takes approximately one hour to completely prepare this dish and it is to be served hot and garnished with finely chopped parsley.

Seasonal Salads Dressed With Green Vegetables

The delicious seasonal salads are wonderful party foods that complement the Thanksgiving party perfectly. The butternuts when served with lentils soaked in vinegar provide a delectable Thanksgiving food.


Also, the salad of beet with sliced dices of tangerine soaked in tangerine juice is a wonderful dish to be served in the Thanksgiving party. The total preparation time of this salad is approximately one hour. Finally, it should be served by dressing it with the pine nuts along with the other main course dishes.

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Citrus Turkey

Turkey is one of the prerequisites of the menu of Thanksgiving Day Party. Without having turkey in the main course, the Thanksgiving will remain incomplete. There are several recipes of turkey that are exclusively carried out in every household while celebrating this occasion.

Citrus Turkey

Citrus turkey is one among the several popular recipes. Nearly 5 hours is required to cook it properly. It requires marinating the turkey for several hours which makes the turkey soft, tasty and spicy. This when served hot provides a mouth-watering dish to the guests of the party.

Peppered-Pickled Ham

This is another one of the essential food items that makes the Thanksgiving Party food menu complete. It is extremely delicious, yummy and tasty. The ham is soaked in sweet and sour brine and then roasted. Then, it is garnished with black pepper, pickle and lemon. It must be served hot. It takes approximately three hours to prepare this dish. The garnishing imparts a glazed look to the ham and it acts as a wonderful companion of Turkey to be served in the Thanksgiving party.

The Perfect Dessert

To make the menu complete, adding the perfect dessert is extremely important. Apple Pie cake or Cupcakes or Pumpkin Cheese cakes are some of the wonderful desserts that can be served in the Thanksgiving party. These desserts take nearly three hours time to get prepared completely.


The cold dessert served after the hot and spicy main course foods make the party complete and remarkable. These are sweet in taste and signify the sweetened version of every relationship and wishing everybody a very Happy Thanksgiving Day. These are some of the best Thanksgiving Day party food items that if served in the household make the day enjoyable, delicious and wonderful to a huge extent.