9 The Most Fun Wedding Games For Guests

9 The Most Fun Wedding Games For Guests

Your wedding is all about you and it is indeed the most special day of your life. That however does not mean that you cannot make your day even more special by making the guests more involved in your special occasion. Indeed wedding games are the best way to break the ice between the guests and get the place buzzing with activity.

After all no one likes a dull wedding when it is just all about the bride and the groom. So make this wedding fun so that everybody talks about it for ages and

Here Are Some Games Which Will Help You Do Just That:

1. Quiz About The Couple

This is one of the most common games played during wedding parties. However that does not mean that this game should be avoided. In fact this is a great way to break the ice among the guests. Usually don’t you hear from various guests that they know you and your partner the best?

Now is a chance to let them prove it. This game is very simple in essential and is basically a quiz competition at its core. The only difference between a regular quiz and this quiz is that instead of general knowledge questions the questions will be about the couple. So let’s find out who knows you as a couple the best- your father or your best friend.

Quiz About The Couple

2. Musical Chairs (With A Twist)

The rule of this game is just the same as that of musical chairs with just one variation. The men will be used as chairs. In the game the men will be made to line up and kneel down on one knee. Now the women will begin the game and when the music stops they will sit on the knees of the men instead of chairs. In this game eliminations happen only when the man falls down while the woman is trying to sit on his knee or if the woman falls down in the rush. This is indeed a very fun game which will get the ball rolling and introduce a more relaxed attitude into the reception.

3. Chicken Dance

To play this game first put a specific number of tables in the lobby and then count it. Now put a number at every chair at every table. Now comes the fun part- make sure to put a duplicate number at a corresponding table. Ask the host to announce the number and the two persons holding the same number has to come to the dance floor. Now the pair has to dance accordingly in the dance floor to the music.

Chicken Dance

4. Want It Now

This game is a team game. Every table shall constitute as 1 team. Now the Dj will prepare a list of ‘things to be wanted’. Now every member of every table just waits for the instructions of the Dj. Now for example the Dj asks for a ‘girl with white dress’ and immediately on hearing the ‘want’ the team which has a girl in white will send her up front.

For successfully completing each ‘want’ a team is scored 1 point. The team or the table with the maximum number of points wins the competition. Usually this is a game which needs team effort so it develops a sense of camaraderie.  So it definitely makes sense to play this game and make your party much more vibrant than other marriage parties.

Want It Now

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5. The Kissing Game

This game will take off considerable heat off you as a couple. In this game the Dj shall ask the other couples to come forward and share a kiss. Usually it is best to select not more than six couples.

Now the decision of the judging is best left in the hands of the other wedding guests who will announce the winning couple through cheering loudest for the winning couple. This is indeed a sure shot way of increasing the morale of everyone present during the wedding party.

6. Find The Groom

In this game even though it is just the bride making the active participation but the contribution of other guests are also required. In this game the bride is blindfolded and is made to find the groom among a group of men. Usually it would not be a bad idea to remove the shirts of all the men and then let the bride try to find out who is her partner. Irrespective of how well or how badly the bride performs one thing which is guaranteed over here is that this game will create a havoc of laughter and will indeed just make the party go one step closer to completeness.

7. Find The Bride

The basic rules of this game is same as the previous game mentioned above with one basic difference- instead of the bride it is now the turn of the groom. Now the groom shall be blindfolded and be made to find his bride in a group of women. Now an interesting variation will be to probably replace all the women with men wearing wigs. Just imagine the laugh riot which will emerge if the groom chooses one of the men with wigs. This game will indeed be talked about long after all the formalities of the wedding party are completed and that exactly is what will be so special about your wedding.

8. Where Is The Honeymoon

This game is making every guest of the wedding feel participated. All the guests are given chits of paper and are asked to guess where the couple is heading off for their honeymoon. The people who will be winning this competition by making the correct guess shall be promised by the couple about one thing of their choosing from the honeymoon destination spot. This competition will indeed make every guest feel closer to you and the bonding between the guests and the couple will definitely increase because of this game.

9. Purse Points

This game is exclusively for the ladies who are present in the wedding party. Now for this game all the ladies are asked to put their purses at the middle of the room. Now a list of items with a point value are made beforehand with items which are usually found in a purse. Usually absolute common items like lipstick are given 2 points while an uncommon stuff like a chocolate bar is given 4 points. Now the purses of every contestant are gone through and the lady with the highest point wins the game. This game is indeed unique for the sense of deep participation it will instill in every one of the wedding guests present.