Thanksgiving Day Activities For Kids

Thanksgiving Day is that wonderful time of the year when friends and family gather together to celebrate togetherness and the blessings they have in their lives. Just like any family get together, kids have to be kept busy in some creative activities as they can get bored very easily and all their energy gets diverted in the wrong direction. It is best to think of some activities suitable for them that will keep them busy and creatively engaged.

This Thanksgiving Day, make sure that you are prepared with some ideas to keep the kids engaged with activities that they will enjoy doing and learn something from as well. From helping with the food preparations, to creating some craftwork that can be used as Thanksgiving Day decorations, there are many ideas that you can think of to keep the kids entertained. Given here are some fun activities for kids.

Thanksgiving Day Activities For Kids

Prepare A Tree Of Thanks

Tree Of Thanks

Kids will love this activity while the grownups are busy with other preparations and the Thanksgiving Day celebration. Give them the basic items and decorations to prepare a tree of thanks that can be used as a centerpiece on the dining table. Kids can hang different decorations and put up little cards thanking their parents and friends for the kind of things they have done for them this year.

Thanksgiving Day Cooking

Everyone looks forward to having a hearty meal of delicious food on Thanksgiving Day. It is a great idea to keep the kids involved in cooking to keep them busy and entertained. Older kids can help in setting up the dinner table, while younger ones can do little activities adding butter to the corn, putting rolls in the baskets, etc. You can even let them pretend they are cooking by letting them prepare cute turkey cookies using a cooking set for kids.

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Prepare A Craft Turkey

Another fun activity that kids will enjoy this Thanksgiving Day is to prepare a craft turkey using their creativity. Make different groups and give them the kits to prepare different types of turkeys.

craft turkey

While one group can prepare an autumn leaf turkey using pine cones and autumn leaves, the other group can make a hands and feet turkey which is prepared by using hand and foot prints on pieces of paper.

Thank You Placemats

Thanksgiving Day is celebrated every year to thank everyone for the kind deeds they have done for us this year. It is a good idea to get the kids to learn this fact through this activity. Keep a piece of paper ready for each child and let them share pens, markers, crayons, glue, etc. to prepare a placemat in which they write or draw various things that have made them happy this year and they are thankful for. Laminate these placemats and let the kids take them home as a beautiful memory of this Thanksgiving Day party.

Thanksgiving Coloring Book

Another activity that can keep kids busy and entertained on Thanksgiving Day is to give them coloring books on which they can be asked to color a pumpkin, a turkey, etc.

Thanksgiving Coloring Book

You can get different books for each child and reward them for their good work after they finish. These days, you can even make use of computers for this purpose and let some kids do this coloring activity on the computer.

Thanksgiving Day Games

Kids love to play games and this is one of the best ways to keep them engaged and entertained on Thanksgiving Day. There are many traditional games that kids can play alone, or along with adults. So, plan some board games that can be played indoors. Games like Bingo, Where is Mr. Turkey, Apple pairing game, Popcorn relay race, etc. will also keep them busy happy and entertained.