Tasty And Decorative Cake For Newborn

The birth of a child is obviously an occasion of endless joy and rapture. It calls for a gathering of friends and family for an evening of celebration. The main focus of the event will naturally be your new born child.

You can choose from an assortment of colourful and delicious cakes courtesy of some of the most renowned confectioners of the world to treat your guests to for the special occasion. The sumptuous cake for the newborn will be the perfect highlight of the evening and your guests will definitely love it.

Choosing The Perfect Cake For The Occasion

The Rainbow Train Set Or The Mickey Mouse Cake

Choosing the perfect cake for the birth of your child can be quite a task if not planned out perfectly. Think of all the characters who inspired you when you were growing up. The cartoon characters or the comic heroes who made you fall in love with them.

Mickey Mouse Cake

Try and remember that one image people associated with you back in the day and choose the cake accordingly. The rainbow train set or the Mickey Mouse cakes are two such examples.

Flavour To Savour

Your child is a reflection of the values and ideals you inculcated from society. Thus your tastes should govern the broad likes and dislikes of your child, at least at this tender age.

Flavours to Savour

So if you were a chocolate person when you were a child, choose a gooey and syrupy chocolate cake for the occasion. Or feel free to choose from vanilla, butterscotch, grapefruit, black forest or mixed fruit and other such flavours on offer.

Lights Camera Action

Once you have chosen a particular design and flavour of the cake for your newborn, it is of utmost importance that you design and decorate the place keeping in mind the basic layout of your cake. These rainbow train set is one such cake which goes with loud and coloured lights and decorations all around.

Lights Camera Action

However if it is a cake of a particular flavour, carefully choose decorations which complement the flavour of the same. A chocolate cake with strawberry wall hangings all around, for example, works well.

Choose The Layers

It will be intelligent on your part to pick and choose the inside layers of the cake with utmost care for your newborn. A strawberry cake with chocolate filling will set the mood for the occasion.

3 Layered Mock Wedding Cake

Choose wines which will blend well with the particular flavour of your cake. Red wine goes well with bland and genial vanilla cakes while sparkling white wine complements chocolate and black forest cakes.

The Icing On The Top

The outlook of the cake will determine if the same blends perfectly with the theme for the occasion. You could definitely think outside of the box and not go in for the common vanilla icing with the cherry finish on top.

Lemon Cake With Limy Fondant Icing

Instead choose an icing which is uncommon and use plums or other exotic fruits on top of your cake for your newborn.


The cake you choose for the birth of your child is should be planned out according to the basic theme of the party. Your guests will have a lovely time while they are there blessing your child, if the rest of the party is planned accordingly. Choose wisely.