Tantalising Homemade Favors For Weddings

Tantalising Homemade Favors For Weddings Wedding day is the one of the most special days in the life of the bride and the groom. A lot of preparation and hard work has to be put in to make the day triumphant. Whatever you are doing for this day, let it be done in style. Favors for the wedding, has gained a lot of significance in the modern times.

A lot of money and effort is spent on choosing the right favors to be given away to the guests on the day of the wedding. It is observed at times some guests do not bother about the favors and leave it at the venue itself. But others consider it extremely important and appreciate the work that has gone into. When favour are homemade, they are appreciated to a great extent. Select the wonderful favour you would prefer for your big day.

Types Of Tantalising Homemade Favors

Homemade Jams

Jams are lovely to be presented as favors for weddings; it is easy to make jams in bulks and can be packed in attractive jars. You can choose any fruit that is in season, it is preferred to choose strawberry, grape or even banana jams. These can be made well in advance, and hence there is no need to panic about favors few days before the wedding.

Homemade Jams

Pack the jams in small transparent jars, these can be ordered with a departmental store, if you have a colour code for your wedding, can choose the jar in that colour. Tie a red transparent ribbon around the neck of the jar and label the flavour of the jam.

Chocolate Fudge With Nuts

Chocolate fudge is really easy to prepare, and these are so yum to eat and would be enjoyed by all the guests, especially kids. Fudge is made with milk chocolate, butter; condense milk and the nuts or dry fruits you want to add.

You can make two different varieties of fudge, one with nuts and other only with chocolate, some people might be allergic to nuts, no guests should go empty handed. It is easy to pack the fudges they can be packed in handmade colourful boxes; polka dot boxes would be perfect.

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Embroidered Lady’s Handkerchief

Handkerchiefs are used by everyone; this might feel a little odd at first, to gift people with them. It is important to gift a person with something that is extremely functional for them. Select the fabric and the colour of handkerchief you would like, select a light colour so that you can do an embroidery design on them.

Embroidered Lady’s Handkerchief

Stitching is such a stress buster and would be appreciated by everyone. You can also just stitch the initials of the bride and the groom on the handkerchief and no gift can be as personalised as this.

Cupcake Box

We all love cakes, and cup-cakes are dearly loved by everyone, they are so delicious and lovely to look at. Cup cakes are extremely easy to bake; you can ask your close family or friends to help in decorating. Opt for two flavours, chocolate and strawberry. Use colourful cup-cake cases for added effect.

Ice the cup –cakes, with butter cream icing, add, the colour you would like, and decorate it with gold colour sugar beads. Pack the cup – cakes in transparent boxes, so that these can be admired by all the guests.

Handmade favors give us such contentment, it might initially feel too much of work, but it is worth all the effort. You would soon be the person arranging for favors, for all the weddings.