Stunning Styles Short Prom Dresses

Short Prom Dresses Confused about which short dress to wear for the much awaited prom night? In doubt about whether you will be able to make an impression on your date? Is the prom queen title, the only thing you have wanted in days?

Well, we have the answers for all your baffling questions. Dressing up right is half the battle won and the other half can be won with the confidence you achieve by dressing up right. So here’s a list of short prom dresses in stunning styles to help you be a success at your prom night.

Stylish Short Prom Dresses


A sequined dress looks best in a gold and silver tone. More recently, girls have started adorning the dress in various other hues like purple, blue, green, etc. But the classic will always remain gold and silver. A tube or strapped dress embroidered with sequins all over is sure to make all boys go head over heels for you. You will sizzle and shine throughout the prom night. In addition, no extra effort in accessorizing or doing your makeup is required. Just go natural and your dress will spell sexy.


A draped dress has layers of fabric which are incorporated into the dress from various angles. If you want to go in for a subtle yet formal look, you can try a draped dress.

Short A-line Wedding Dresses

A draped dress, in general, comprises one solid color and hence it can be teamed with various accessories to enhance the appearance. A crystal studded brooch or a clutch with matching stilettos will give it a complete look.

One Shoulder

A one shoulder dress is a chic short dress. It is suitable for all body types and will never let you down on any occasion. This kind of a dress can be customized as a style that hugs your body tight or as an A-line short dress that is only tight till your bust line. A one shoulder dress with a long sleeve on one hand and the other hand bare will enable your corsage to be seen perfectly.

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A Kaftan styled dress has its origins in Persia where they were worn as robes of honor. However, our modern Kaftans are very stylish in their appeal.

Kaftan Prom Dresses

A Kaftan has a very comfortable appearance with loose fabric hanging on both sides of the dress from the shoulder till the hem. Kaftans give a relaxed yet formal look when worn in the right fabric. A Kaftan will keep you at ease so that you can enjoy the night without any hiccups.

Cowl Neck

A short dress with a cowl neck looks ravishing when worn in a body hugging avatar. A deep cowl neck with a hint of cleavage showing from your dress will make all the boys swoon over you. The signature cowl neck dress is teamed with a bust belt to accentuate the entire ensemble. Cowl neck dresses look great with sleeves too. Long pair of earrings and high heeled pumps carry off very well with a cowl neck dress.