5 Steps For An Indian Wedding Ceremony

Indian Wedding Ceremony

One word that can define Indian wedding perfectly is “tradition.” The land itself is rich in traditions and its colorful ambience adds up to the life of the wedding ceremonies. Therefore, if you are planning for a perfect Indian wedding ceremony, you must give importance to color and tradition. Here you will learn about certain common steps adopted for an Indian wedding ceremony.

Indian Wedding Ceremony

Importance Of Hindu Wedding Ceremony

Though, India includes Muslims, Christians, and other religions, majority of the population is Hindu. Traditionally, a Hindu wedding is inclusive of several aspects and the preparations began several months prior to the date of the ceremony.

Importance Of Horoscope In Indian Wedding

As discussed earlier, much before the actual wedding day, the preparation begins. Probably, the first step in this process takes place when the parents exchange horoscopes. It is a process where the star-signs of the couple are matched by their parents.

If the horoscope matches, then only the further steps are taken. Parents consult expert professionals who have experience of reading and matching horoscope. If the horoscope matches, it provides a peace of mind that the couple will live happily post marriage.

Importance Of Horoscope

Finalizing The Date

After the horoscope episode, the parents consult each other regarding the suitable date for the wedding. According to Indian wedding traditions, the parents and relatives of bride and groom consult with each other and decide on the suitable wedding date. However, the date is not announced officially because another event in planned in between, which is the engagement ceremony.

Finalizing The Date

Importance Of Engagement In A Hindu Wedding Ceremony

This is a lovely occasion that takes place prior to the actual wedding. The reason of this celebration is to ensure that the boy and the girl agree to become partner for the whole life by exchanging rings with each other. This is not mere an exchange of rings between the would-be bride and groom, rather it is an act of assurance that they both agree to be the life partner of each other.


Arrangements For The Indian Wedding Rituals

This is a long process and the most expensive one indeed. During this period, the families of both bride and groom start making plans and shopping for the various necessities of the wedding. Right from the purchase of the clothes and jewelries to the decisions regarding the wedding venue, hiring the wedding car, inviting the relatives and friends, planning for decorations, deciding the menus, etc., everything is decided during this phase.


The Wedding Ceremony

After all the above steps, finally the D-Day of traditional Indian wedding arrives. This is the day of executing all the plans. The guests will arrive to bless the couple and the marriage will take place in the presence of parents, relatives and friends of both the parties. If the planning and the arrangements are properly conducted, then everyone will enjoy the wedding ceremony. These are some of the essential steps for an Indian wedding ceremony.

Wedding Ceremony