Some Of The Best New Year Party Tips

Hosting a New Year party requires lot patience and creative ideas so that everyone enjoys in the party. Many New Year Eve parties are hosted every year and for your party to be unique you should think of certain things that are not common in other New Year parties – be it in terms of decorations or the music, everything should be perfect to make your party a memorable one.

After all New Year is the start of a new beginning and you should have the perfect start for it. A perfect New Year Eve party is the stepping stone to a great new year ahead, so plan it in a big way. This article has New Year Eve party tips so that you can make it really big:

Best New Year Party Tips

Plan A Potluck

This would make your New Years’ Eve great without leaving a hole in your pocket. Ask one of your friends to bring fresh fruits and yoghurt for your friends who are on diet.


Ask your guy friend to bring a pizza. In the mean time, you can bake few cupcakes and prepare some dishes for your friends. Though you would not be able to invite many guests if you are planning such a theme, you can have a blast with your close friends and family.

Party Play List

Make sure you have selected only the best tracks that go perfectly with the mood. Do not only choose dance numbers but also have nice romantic numbers for the romantic people. The play list should go in sync with the occasion and the preference of party people. Some medleys and a mix of old and new numbers can set the stage on melody. You can also involve the party people into musical games and use the playlist as backgrounder score.

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Champagne Cocktail

Try something different this year. Try the following recipe. Take a piece of ginger and chop of thin slices. Then again chop these slices to the size of confetti. Take a pinch of these ginger pieces and put them in a glass.

Champagne Cocktail

Pour over champagne from the top. You will see bubbles and the ginger bits circulating in the glass. Do not go for very expensive champagnes. Instead keep it simple and cheap. Go for Jell-O shots as they are an inexpensive and colourful way of entertaining your guests.

Keep The Decor Simple And Spacious

Just few candles and dim lights will be perfect to set the mood for festivity. That would also encourage the love birds to indulge in the last smooch of that year.

candle light decoration

Keep the furniture to the bare minimum as your guest would require a lot of space for dancing their hearts out. Make sure the lighting is perfect in your exteriors, long strings of colourful bulbs are sure to make your home look at its best on the last day of the year.

Dessert And Creative Gifts

This is possibly the best New Year Eve party tip where you pamper your guests with tokens of love. Chocolate is always considered to be one of the most loved eatable for anyone at any age. Prepare various chocolate desserts to make your guests happy. Chocolate fondue is easy to make.

chocolate desserts

All you need to do is melt dark chocolate in a fondue pot and add a lot of cream. You can also ask your guests to bring their own dipping snacks like strawberries, marshmallows etc. Gift your friend with a small creative gift to make your party to be a memorable one. Even a small gift will do. It is the gesture that matters. Hoping these New Year Eve party tips will be useful to you.