5 Interesting Kids Birthday Cake Ideas

interesting Kids Birthday Cake Ideas

Celebrating kid’s birthday is always special for parents. You keep on planning for different gift ideas, decorations, food, etc. However, you often do not give much importance to the indispensable aspect of the birthdays, which is the cake. Of course, you arrange for the cake and cut it in the presence of everyone, but the choice is limited to the ones available in the market. It would be fantastic if you include some interesting birthday cake ideas for your kids this time. Not sure about how you can make these cakes look interesting and taste amazing? Check this out:

Interesting Kids Birthday Cake Ideas

The Cake Must Look Interesting

Interesting Cake For Kids Birthday

Having fun is important. Cutting cake has become more like a ritual during the birthdays than a fun activity when everyone one is around. Kids love fun, so the cake must be colorful and crazy. Therefore, you should order for the birthday cakes that come in diverse shapes and sizes.

For example, the cake you order may resemble the shape of a butterfly garden, a teddy bear, a jewelry box, castle, etc. If your kids love the cartoon characters, then you can place order to make the cake resembling the favorite cartoon character or super hero. Here are some detailed ideas about the interesting cakes for your kid’s birthday.

Sweet Circus Cat

Sweet Circus Cat Cake For Kids Birthday

Give the cake a shape of sweet looking circus cat. Kids will love the look of the cake that you can prepare with frosted piped chocolates and vanilla wafers.

Flower Bouquet

Flower Bouquet Cake For Kids Birthday

You can have flower cupcake designed in a way that it resembles a beautiful bouquet. You can easily decorate such a cake. Get some marshmallows and candy coated chocolates. Just slice and frost the marshmallows and arrange them accordingly. Now cut the chocolates coated with candy in a circular shape. In this way, you can create edible flowers as the birthday cake.

Chocolate Turtle

Turtles are slow, but their theme makes an adorable cake. You have to arrange for some cupcakes and arrange them in such a way that a shape of a turtle comes out. Now, put a layer of chocolate on the body-part that you have arranged with the cupcakes. On top of the cupcakes that you have placed as the legs and head of the turtle, put green colored cream. With the same cream tube, create design of the blocks resembling turtle’s body.

Chocolate Turtle For Kids Birthday

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T-Shirt Cake

Yes, you have guessed it right. This design of a birthday cake resembles a t-shirt. Bring a cake of 13×9 inches and cut it in the shape of a t-shirt. Frost the cake by adding the jersey color of your kid’s favorite team. Now write the name of your kid on the cake, just like the name of a player appears in the jersey and write the age as the jersey number. This is interesting and unique.

Definitely, there are many interesting ideas of decorating cakes for your kid’s birthday party. Your kids and the guests will love the cake as much as other aspects of the party.

T-shirt Cake For Kids Birthday