Sizzle In Sexy Christmas Costumes

Sexy Christmas Costumes Christmas is that celebration of the year when everyone brings out their best in terms of costumes and style. A few days before Christmas you have to start thinking about the costume you will don for the much awaited day. The costume has to be ideal ensuring that you have the perfect combination of a sweet and spicy appeal.

This holiday season just do away with your inhibitions and select the sexiest of all festive attires. We give you a list to help you make your choices and Sizzle in Sexy Christmas Costumes.

Tips For Sexy Christmas Costumes

Sexy Santa

“Ho, Ho, Ho! Merry Christmas”, says Miss Santa in a sexy little costume. Opt for a body hugging mini velvet red dress with a one-two inch border of trimmed white fur at the hem and on the neckline.

Sexy Santa

White halter straps of the same fur will look chic and seductive when ending in a cross strap at the back. A Santa hat and gloves of the same color combination are a must have for Miss Santa. In addition, black knee-high boots and a black bust belt are the appropriate accents to make you the Sexy Santa.

Sexy Frosty

A white mini ball gown dress with a balloon hem will look just right for Miss Frosty. Huge Black Buttons embroidered vertically with a strapless sweetheart neckline will accentuate the bodice.

A black hat with a red checked band and a complementing scarf around the neck in the same plaid fabric will look absolutely fantastic. Black elbow length gloves along with black heeled boots will give a comprehensive Sexy Frosty.

Sexy Elf

A green body hugging mini silhouette with zigzag vertical cut work at the hem and attached tiny bells at the tips of the zigzags will give you a great elf costume. A V neckline bordered with fur and going up to furry straps will form the bodice.

Sexy Elf

A green hat ending in a furry ball and a black waist belt are the accessories to be adorned. Green and white striped thigh highs with white pumps will complete the sensual appearance of the Sexy Elf.

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Sexy Gingerbread Girl

A light tan A-line dress flaring in a mini skirt with a picture of gingerbread man on a small attached apron is a stunning profile. The bodice can have three red heart shaped buttons at the front with a plunging sweetheart neckline with straps.

The hem and the neckline can have a red lacy border to accentuate the effect. White wrist gloves and stockings with red peep toes will enhance the entire outcome and produce the Sexy Gingerbread Girl.

Sexy Candy Cane

A mini A-line red and white striped strapless dress, with trimmed white fur at the hem will be fitting the attire of Miss Candy Cane. A red choker with a white headband will look stylish as accessories.

Sexy Candy Cane

Red elbow length hand gloves bounded by trimmed white fur and a candy cane in the hand will look perfect. Red and white striped knee length stockings with white prism heels will give an ensemble that is fit to be Sexy Candy Cane.