4 Anniversary Gifts For A Girlfriend

Anniversary Gifts For A Girlfriend

Anniversaries are special milestones in relationships to celebrate togetherness. They are not limited to marriages alone. Crossing the six-month mark is reason enough to pop open the champagne bottle. And if that comes across as too extravagant, there are several other special six-month anniversary gifts that you can give to your girlfriend.

Six Month Anniversary Gift

1. A Special Poem

If you are gifted with the pen, then write down a short but meaningful poem that describes what she means to you. It would be just the right sort of romantic gesture that is certain to make her happy. If romantic poems are not your style, then you can definitely write a funny one that will make her laugh.

Buy a sheet of handmade paper (they come in all sorts of lovely colors) and write out your poem in your best handwriting. Roll and paste the ends. Next, slide two small wooden poles and turn it into a scroll. You can roll the scroll up and tie it with a bit of red ribbon to make it look extra special.

A Special Poem

2. Charm Bracelet

A girl can never have too many charm bracelets. So even if your girlfriend already has one, get her another with six special charms that remind her of six special moments in your relationship. If you want to splurge a little, charm bracelets are available in gold and silver.

If you want to keep it minimalistic and are reserving your money for the first anniversary, you can always go in for one made out of sterling silver. The charm bracelet will make a beautiful keepsake that she can wear everyday or on special occasions.

Charm Bracelet

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3. Love Letter In A Bottle

You can easily order one of these from an online store which specializes in gifts. The prices on the bottles are a little steep but the nice thing about this idea is that you can make it yourself. You will need a clear (and completely clean) glass bottle with a cork, some red rose petals, a little silver glitter, your love letter written on a small sheet of parchment and a few lengths of red ribbon.

First, tip in the glitter slowly so that it forms the shiny sand at the bottom. You can use a funnel if you have unsteady hands. Next, be very gentle while inserting the rose petals in. Roll up the parchment and tie it tightly with some ribbon.

Do not tie the ribbon into a bow since it can get in the way while you insert the parchment into the bottle. Put the cork on and there you have a unique romantic gift for your girlfriend.

 Love Letter In A Bottle

4. Box Of Pralines

Can anyone actually resist the creamy goodness of exquisitely filled chocolates? Unless your girlfriend is on a diet, she is certain to enjoy gourmet treats like a box of perfectly decadent pralines. These would be a lovely gift especially if your girlfriend has a sweet tooth. They come in standard square or rectangular boxes but you can go in for the heart shaped ones to commemorate your six month anniversary.

Box Of Pralines