Six Ideas For Reception Of Wedding

Ideas For Reception A wedding reception is one of the most important and interesting function which is held after the marriage. It is a very special occasion for both the bride and the groom and holds a very important place in their hearts as it is the first function they attend together after their wedding ceremony.

Special attention shall be given to the reception so that the guests can enjoy themselves and remember your wedding reception always. There are various different ways in which the wedding reception can be made special, enjoyable and memorable.

Ideas For Wedding Reception

Great Location

Choose a location with the right ambiance and atmosphere. It should be a place which is well suited for a formal affair but a place where you can also have plenty of fun. Locate the venue which is not common but interesting. Use a old or unexplored beach site, roof tops, old discos etc. These are perfect places for hosting a formal affair and also enjoying yourself to the fullest.

Attentive To The Decor

The vibe of a place largely depends on its decor  The right decor of the place creates the right atmosphere and the right mood for a nice reception.

Top 5 Wedding Decorations For Reception

Do not over decorate the place. Keep it simple and elegant. Use colors which are soothing to the onlookers eyes and which makes your wedding venue look even better.

Right Lighting

Go innovative with the lighting of the reception venue. Make sure the wedding venue is well lit and create the right atmosphere for the reception. There are various different kinds of lights available in the market so, try for the new and different ones and avoid using the same old lighting. Light the dance area differently and interestingly.

Guest Book

guest book

Keep a guest book where you can ask your guests to write something for you. This will be a nice concept as you will get a hint of how your guests feel and also get their best wishes for the new life that you have just begun as a couple.

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Instant Picture Clicked

Have a photographer for the event who can get you instant pictures. You can get pictures clicked with your guests and give them the picture to take back home. This will make the reception memorable for them as they will have a picture which will keep reminding them about your reception.


You shall make a special effort to see whether the food for the reception as been cooked well or not and decide the menu very smartly. Food is very important thing for any party or function. Every guest comes to a party to eat food. So, make sure that you do not disappoint you guests.

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These are a few ideas on how you can make your reception interesting and memorable. The reception day is a very important day in a bride and groom’s life. They have many memories related to that day. They shall make every possible effort to make that day memorable and interesting. They shall plan the reception in such a way that it is not only memorable for them but also for the guests who attend it.