Six Fabulous Ideas For Wedding Favors

Ideas For Wedding Favors

You might be quite at a loss when it comes to choosing the best wedding favors for your guests. This is quite understandable as you have to find something that’s useful and caters to the tastes of everyone, which is not a very easy task if you have large number of names on your guest list.

Ideas For Wedding Favors

Here are six fabulous ideas for wedding favors to help you provide your guests with truly useful and thoughtful mementos of your wedding. These ideas for wedding favors are time-tested and have been proven to be quite popular with wedding guests.

Ideas For Wedding Favors

Cookie And Cake Pop Wedding Favors

Edible favors like cookie and cake pop favors are sure to be a hit with anyone. Depending on the number of invitees, you can either make your own cookies and cake pops or order them in bulk from your local bakery.

Some types of cookies you can go in for include healthy oatmeal cookies for the diet conscious, the all-time favorite chocolate chip cookies, succulently sweet sugar cookies and delicious butter cookies.

You can even give your guests an assortment of cookies. Cookies can be slipped into little plastic bags or decorative goodie bags, pretty favor boxes or even CD covers made of paper. As you may know, a cake pop consists of bits of cake and frosting all melded together to form a simply delicious treat.

So all you have to do is pick your most favorite cake and make these tasty tidbits. Cake pops can also be placed in boxes or in plastic bags tied with satin ribbon. You can even offer your guests both of these tasty treats together by placing them in larger goodie bags or favor boxes.

Cookie And Cake Pop

Candy And Chocolate Wedding Favors

Candy or chocolate favors are another lot of edible favors that are sure to please your guests’ taste buds. There’s such a variety of candies and chocolates available in the market that all you have to do is purchase them in bulk and package them in a pleasing way.

You can go with any kind of candy choice from M&M’s to jelly candies like gummy bears. It’s a great idea to match the color of the candies with your chosen wedding color palette. Candies can be packaged in plastic bags, baskets, glass containers, or favor boxes.

If you prefer to use chocolates as wedding favors, you can also choose any flavor and type of chocolate you like from milk chocolate and dark chocolate delights to yummy nut and chocolate bars. It’s best to place chocolates in favor boxes or something a bit durable so that they don’t get accidently squashed by your guests.

Candy And Chocolate

Jam And Jelly Wedding Favors

Gifting your guests with jars of jam or jelly is another fabulous idea for wedding favors that is especially suitable for a country or western themed wedding. You can use these favors for other kinds of weddings as well to give your wedding a homey touch.

These yummy wedding favors also offer one a variety of choice when it comes to flavor. It would be ideal if you could give your guests homemade jam or jelly instead of store-bought stuff. You will also need to purchase a large number of mason jars for packaging.

For western or country weddings, you can tie some gingham fabric over the lid for a countrified effect. Alternatively, you can use decorative paper (that matches with your color scheme) to make labels for the jars. Add a personal touch to your jam or jelly wedding favors by including the names of the wedding couple and the wedding date on the label.

Jam And Jelly

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Soap And Candle Wedding favors

Giving your guests useful mementos like carved and decorative soaps or beautiful candles is another great idea for wedding favors. The best part about a useful favor like soap is that you can purchase or make soaps that are particularly suited to your chosen wedding theme..

For example, if you have selected a Cinderella wedding theme, you could gift your guests soaps in the shape of slippers, miniature pumpkins or even mice. You can also include a nice soap dish with each soap favor.

If you are more in favor of gifting your guests candles, you can go with scented candles, decorative candles like tea lights, etc. You can also include a candle stand or tea light holder that goes with the wedding theme or color scheme if you like. It is best to pack candle and soap favors in proper favor boxes.

Soap And Candle

Seed And Plant Wedding Favors

If the bride and groom are ardent environmentalists or simply want to give their guests something that’s long lasting and eco-friendly, seed and plant wedding favors might be the best choice. These green and planet-friendly options are also ideal for garden themed weddings, flower themed weddings and other nature themed weddings.

Gifting your guests seed cards is an awesome idea for wedding favors. These seed cards can be purchase easily online. Some cards can be planted directly in a garden or pot without further ado. You can also create your own homemade version by making a nice thank you card with a pocket and slipping in some of your favorite plant or flower seeds.

You can even purchase seed favors that come in different shapes to suit your theme. If you wish to gift your guests an actual growing plant or flowering seedling, you can easily do so by planting them in small pots that have been painted or decorated to match with your selected theme. It is best to gift small plants or seedlings that can be grown indoors and are easy to maintain.

Seed And Plant

CD And DVD Wedding Favors

Presenting your wedding guests with CDs and DVDs that commemorate your wedding day is another fabulous idea for wedding favors. CD favors can be easily created at home with the help of a computer or a good music system. All you have to do is burn your wedding songs on the CDs and slip them into CD sleeves.

You and your partner can also include a small recorded message for your guests to thank them for attending your wedding. If you want something a little more elaborate and memorable, you can go in for DVD wedding favors that include a thank you message (video), wedding and engagement photos and videos and wedding songs.

While packaging your CD and DVD wedding favors, it’s best to go with CD sleeves or covers that have been specially designed for your wedding. You can order these online or you can make them yourself at home with the help of a printer and some satin ribbon.