4 Simple Ideas For 25th Anniversary Centerpiece

Simple Ideas For 25th Anniversary Centerpiece

The silver jubilee celebrations, as it is commonly referred to, are extremely special occasions for the happy couple who have spent 25 long years in wedlock. And on the very auspicious day of their 25th anniversary, couples love to celebrate in style. To commemorate such an extraordinary event, it becomes almost essential to have the best of decorations, including centerpieces that grace the party tables.

The centerpieces play a very important role in bringing about the festive flavour. Hence, in keeping with the 25th anniversary theme, you can think of different types of simple 25th anniversary centerpiece ideas. Have a look at the following and spice up your party tables.

Simple Ideas For 25th Anniversary Centerpiece

1. Flower Bouquets

Bouquets of Iris, the official flower associated with the 25th anniversary can be used as wonderful centerpieces. Place a few bouquets in beautiful silver vases and keep them at the centre of each table. If you have arranged for a big dining table that has seating arrangements for a number of people, consider arranging bouquets in a row. Add glitters and confetti to make the centerpiece attractive and eye catching.

Flower Bouquets

2. Candle Centerpieces

Silver candles can be used for lighting up your 25th anniversary party tables. Get some floating silver candles and place them in a big glass bowl containing water. Line the base of the bowl with silver sequins and glitters. Light the candles when the guests start arriving or just before serving dinner. The dim light of the candles would create the perfect ambience for a cosy party. However, if you really want to delight your guests with the centerpiece, arrange 25 taper candles in a multi-tiered candle stand. Make sure to choose a silver candle stand that is big enough to hold all the candles in place.

Candle Centerpieces

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3. Photographs

If you want to be slightly innovative, think of incorporating photographs as centerpieces. An old wedding photograph and a recent picture of the couple of honour can be put up on a lovely, silver frame and kept on the tables. Make copies of these pictures and take a frame that has slots for accommodating two photographs. On one side, keep the couple’s wedding photo and on the other side, keep a recent photograph. This would help the guests to recount the special day when these two people were united for life. It is also a great way of portraying the valuable bond of love to the younger generation.


4. Cup Cake Centerpiece

To create a special effect, you can think of making a cup cake centerpiece. This is perfect for a big dining table and to honour the couple, get hold of 25 cup cakes and arrange them in tiers. Let the layers of cake look like an awesome wedding cake. This would serve the dual purpose of acting as a centerpiece as well as a dessert counter for the guests.

 Cup Cake Centerpiece

If possible layer the cakes with some molten chocolate. It will certainly turn out to be a tempting centerpiece. An alternate centerpiece can consist of cookies or a chocolate cake that has been shaped like the numbers 2 and 5.