Share Wonderful Moments With WordPress Wedding Themes

unique wedding themes WordPress brings at your doorstep an innovative way to stay connected with your friends and family via online blogging and website creation. All you have to do is sign up for an account and head on your way to assemble a website or blog of your dreams just with a click.

It also gives you the feature of a Lexicon which provides explanations on various WordPress terms and takes you through the basics of the entire process. With the below mentioned WordPress wedding themes, share the details of your wedding journey online with your dear ones all over the world.

Best WordPress Themes For Wedding

Ever After

This theme is highlighted with beautiful textures to create a subtle effect and facilitates the uploading of your wedding photos and videos. As the name suggests, it enables you to keep your close friends and family in touch with the precious moments of your married life, although your wedding is long over.

Ideas For Wedding Party Themes

It allows you to post a quote and leave your near ones with a smiling thought and gives them the feature to post a comment in return, thus enabling you to cherish your unforgettable moments ever after. One of the best customization it offers is that it adapts to the gadget you are using by giving you the option to design your own layout for it.


The WordPress Forever wedding theme provides an option to go all out in hues for your colorfully bright wedding. If you are confused and muddled about the countless things involved in your wedding, this theme helps you organize everything in an orderly manner.

It gives you a special feature of using sticky posts with every photograph for relevant comments. Another characteristic of the theme is that it has an option called ‘Milestone’ that can be used to enter the date of your big day and inform all your guests to save the date. The guestbook facility allows all the invitees to post some witnessed fun and romantic moments of your wedding.

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Blissful Blog

This theme is custom made for the spectacular photography done at your wedding including the pre-wedding photo shoot, if any. This is not only designed for the couple tying the knot but also for the photographers and other professionals booked for the wedding and wanting to make their mark in the industry.

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They can upload their work here and thus, get an opportunity to showcase their talent and efforts. This blog is indeed bliss for everyone involved with the wedding.


Organize everything from your venue to your accessories and post it on this blog to share wonderful experiences about your wedding and beyond. Lovebirds is a theme with an old-world charm that presents everything you post in an exemplary format.

This theme enables you to update your guests of all your plans and schedules right from the wedding location to the couple shower details. It also gives them a chance to know your entire journey from how you met to where you are going for your honeymoon in a precise manner.