Sensational Ideas Of Table Decoration For Wedding Receptions

Table Decoration For Wedding Receptions A saying goes that marriages are meant to be made in heaven. It is one of the blessings of Almighty and people are only there to carry out the responsibilities and rituals on the earth. Thus celebration of a wedding brings a heavenly feeling and people dreams to celebrate their wedding as gloriously as possible.

Serving and impressing the guests is one of the main motives of a wedding celebration. Here are some fantastic ideas which will help you in table decoration for your weddings.

Unique Ideas For Table Decoration For Your Wedding Receptions

Personalized Napkins, Plates And Menu Cards

To give a beautiful personalized appearance to the table of the wedding ceremony, you can personalize the napkins, serving plates and menu cards with your wedding images and attractive decorations.

wedding table

Images of the bride and the groom together along with love messages for the wedding couple can be printed on the napkin, serving plates and over the menu cards. A wish for the couple for a happy life ahead may be mentioned.

Floral Decorations

This is the most common idea for decorating wedding table. But this idea can be modified to generate an attractive and unusual look to the tables. First of all decoration with roses spreads the symbol of love in a wedding. If possible use artificial roses whose petals will have printed image of the wedding couple. Use these personalized roses to decorate the wedding table. This will be indeed a great idea for the wedding party.

Floating Candles

Candles always bring a romantic appearance to the spot where they are burnt. To make your wedding table much more attractive, you can decorate them with floating candles. Place the candles to be floated in decorative bowls with colourful water.

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You may add flower petals or images of the wedding couple along with the candle to be floated over the colourful water on the bowl. A background music will enhance the ambience much more.

Hanging Love Birds

This is a unique idea to make your wedding tables attractive without wasting any space of the table. This can be made to possible by hanging love birds made up of metals or wood above the tables. You can arrange for music from the love birds in a low volume. Metal love birds are preferred much more as they act as wind chimes and generate fantastic sounds while mingling with each other.

Vegetables And Fruits Decoration

You can also decorate the wedding tables with implementation of the ideas of vegetable and fruit cutting. Vegetables and fruits can be artistically cut in some special ways to give the shape of flower vases with flowers, attractive models, love symbols, and many more. You can do this with colourful fruits and vegetables and thereby give your wedding tables an awesome look. This idea is considered to be an organic idea too.

Fruits Basket

Implementation of these ideas in the wedding tables of your wedding celebration will impress your guests greatly. Innovation of new ideas from your own can also be implemented. You can modify the mentioned concepts to make your wedding party much more colourful and attractive.