Scary Skeleton Halloween Costumes

It’s Halloween, that time of the year when you dress up to look like the weirdest, wackiest and scariest of all. Everyone actually gears up to adorn the best costume among all and sport a better character than previous year. If you or your kid loves to frighten everyone away and crack one by pulling on them, a skeleton costume should be your ideal pick. We give you various alternatives to don the Scariest Skeleton Costume this Halloween with a funny bone.

Skeleton Costumes For Halloween

Women’s Skeleton Costume

If you want to be bare-bone, that is sexy and scary at the same time, choose a skeleton costume for you. A mini black dress with a skeleton print on the front and a sexy low back will look stylish.

Halloween Skeletons Fancy Dress

Full sleeves with bone prints and a black hood with a skull on the back will add a scary effect. The last straw will be thigh highs with bone prints too along with black boots to make you look like a seductive skeleton.

Men’s Skelebones Costume

A simple black jumpsuit with bone graphics all over will make you look like a bag of bones. Wear gloves with white bony fingers ending in long sharp nails. A hooded mask for the head gear will add the spine-chilling touch to your already frightening costume.

The only layer of human feel you need to put in is walk in a slightly crooked and dislodged manner to make everyone around you chilled to the bone.

Women’s Skeleton Bride Costume

You can be a bone of contention between your dead groom and your monster in law, oops, mother in law. A black and white gown with a low cut V neckline and a skeleton bone torso will give you a devilish feel.

Women’s Skeleton Bride Costume

A layered skirt with bone imprint sleeves and a black net veil will make you the scariest of all brides. Black and white makeup and a red bow necklace will complete a lovely skeleton bride outfit. Your perfect look will rain grooms in hell.

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Boys’ Skeleton Zombie Costume

A filthy skeleton zombie costume is apt for young boys to look like a dog with a bone. They love playing in dirt and hence, this costume is just right.

A skeleton layer tight fit outfit needs to be donned underneath a green torn up and shredded jumpsuit so that the bone structures are visible in bits and places. A skeleton mask with dripping grease for additional effect teamed up with long green hair will accentuate the attire and have your little guy having mad creepy fun.

Baby Skeleton Costume

If you want to enhance the cuteness of your tiny tot, get him a skeleton costume and make no bones about it. For an endearing look, dress your baby up in a black jumpsuit with a bone print each on both legs and sleeves. Foot prints shown backwards will add a little terrifying touch to your infant’s costume.

Baby Skeleton Costume

A black hood with a mask for the face can be made but keep the hood open to save your baby from suffocation. A danger sign with skull and crossbones on your kid’s back will look super adorable and draw attention to the Halloween attire.