Refreshing Ideas For Thanks Giving Decoration

This year don’t get those impersonal decorative materials that everyone buys off of your local store to decorate your home. Spend some time and plan your thanks giving decorations ahead and make it a special weekend for your family and friends. You’re just about a few months away and some smart planning on the decorations can help you save time and money while making it look wonderful for your guests. Here are a few ideas you may want to try this year.

Refreshing Ideas For Thanks Giving Decoration

Ideas for Thanks Giving Decoration

Paper Craft Motif Decorations

You don’t need to be an expert to get some simple paper designs. Pick up a few motifs from any dress designs, news paper advertisements, from your child’s school book or the web. Buy some good quality gift wrapping material (preferably those with a thick paper or fabric) and tracing paper.

Trace out the design on the tracing paper and transfer the design on to the wrapper (You may want to fold the wrapper to cut more pieces at one go, however this will require a good pair of scissors) and cut the design out. Punch a hole at one end and put a thread through the hole to string the design on your walls at appropriate locations in your house or get them to dangle from the ceiling at varying lengths.

Refreshing Ideas For Thanks Giving Decoration

Either way they will look chic. Look for vibrant colors. You may try alternating a few designs. You may even paste them on furniture to give the dull ones more color and good finish. Coordinate the colors for a better look.

You could also pick a nice sheet of off white paper and punch some holes to make a pattern such as a lamp, mango, flower or anything of your choice. Make a cylindrical candle shade from it and place it over a candle on your dining table for that pleasant candlelight dinner.

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Floral / Leaves Blast at the Entrance

Do you have the opportunity to collect a variety of leaves on your way back home? Now make an interesting mix and match of the colors and shapes of the leaves and create an interesting ensemble and put it up at your entrance for a very groovy way of welcoming your guests.

All you need is a square piece of single color cloth or a chart, some twine and a needle to sew each leaf in place. Ensure you pick more sturdy leaves for a longer life. It’s best to layout the design first and then start the sewing so that you have the final picture in your mind. After all thanksgiving is all about a bountiful harvest!

Beadwork for Doorways

Got some archways at home between your living space and kitchen? Then use them this year to create a wonderful finish for your abodes. These beads would add to the overall look of your homes and make them look really pretty and beautiful. Buy beads of various colors, shapes and sizes to contrast with your wall colors and string them together to form a bead curtain.

Refreshing Ideas For Thanks Giving Decoration

You can even add color to your window sills by stringing them to a loop and sliding them over the curtain rods in such a fashion that they create a wonderful design, or a simple look to them. Trying this would not be complex at all and it would also add glitter and glow for a well lit evening dinner at your place.

Photo Collage at the Center

Is your family the nostalgic type? Here’s a chance to surprise them with a collage of your old photos of different occasions. Create the word “Thanks giving” using the old photos that you find of your individual family members, and of all of them in a group.

Use the more lively ones that will trigger an evening conversation and bring back the wonderful memories. It’s worth your time and makes your occasion memorable. You can stick or hang such collages at various places or string them together and place them on closets or at dressing tables.

Sayings for Thanks Givings

Got some nice things to say about your family members and can you match them with a few good sayings or prayers from the bible and throw in a hint of floral designs for the borders? Print them in wonderful contrasting colors and put them up in each room or in a good corner in your living space. It will make for an interesting read and also liven up your.

Refreshing Ideas For Thanks Giving Decoration

Take some time off over every weekend and put your decorations together so this thanks giving may be spoken about for a long time to come and remember that it is more the thought, than the finish, that counts. Go ahead and have a wonderful thanks giving!