Popular Easter Baking Recipes For Desserts

Easter Baking Recipes Easter is that time of the year, when households are teeming with the refreshing and the wafting aroma of baked desserts. Cakes, cookies, meringues, breads, hot cross buns etc. all form a part of a happy Easter Sunday meal. Whether it’s morning or night, they are eaten throughout the day in various meals!

If you too wish to celebrate the occasion, then get onto the bandwagon of festivities, with some of these baked recipes. These are popular and well found in households, celebrating Easter.

Easter Baking Recipes For Desserts

Cinnamon Rolls Are To Die For

The aroma of freshly baked cinnamon rolls, hints that it’s already morning of a delightful Easter Sunday. Soon after you return from the mass, it’s time for that elaborate Easter brunch or what some prefer as breakfast.

Cinnamon Rolls

Cinnamon rolls dough, which has cinnamon and raisins kneaded in flour and sugar, are prepared overnight and refrigerated. They are baked freshly in the morning, to herald the Easter sunshine!

Bread Pudding Remains The Favorite

An easy and quick dessert for Easter is bread pudding. Made with bread, butter, eggs, sugar, vanilla extract and sometimes, dry fruits, the dessert are a great Easter brunch recipe for some.

The best way of having the bread pudding is to have it a little warm, right out of the oven. Children love this quick fix, in the name of Easter brunch and wolf it down in no time!

Apple Tart Served With Warmth And Love

Apple pie or apple tart is always a favorite on Easter. The granny smith apples are finely sliced and layered over the buttery pie crust and then covered with another layer of the crust dough.

apple tart recipe

This dessert when baked and served with warm maple syrup or a scoop of vanilla ice cream becomes a hot shot post meal dessert. It’s delicious and brings in the warmth of the occasion to the hilt!

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Jam Filled Muffins Are Eternal Love

These are cake flour muffins, with generous fillings of berry jam in-between. Health fanatics are now becoming increasingly concerned about their health and opting for whole wheat flour for making the healthier version of the jam filled muffins.

The healthy, whole meal muffins are gooey inside, owing to the jam filling, but slightly hard outside because of the tender crumb and sugared almonds, which give a crunchier feel to it.

Hot Cross Buns Still Are The Hot Favorites

These are sweet and mildly spiced buns with currants and raisins, marked with a cross on top. The top is glazed and sugared to make it a perfect Easter Sunday breakfast.

Hot Cross chocolate

Some people also like to have it on Good Friday, which marks the traditional beginning of the hot cross buns eating ritual! This baked brunch recipe is also enjoyed throughout the year, by several people.

Plum Cake Can Be Enjoyed After Dinner

Contrary to the popular belief of having the plum cake only during Christmas festivities, plum cake can be had and is quite popular even on Easter celebrations. Delicately flavored fresh plum cake is often enjoyed as a post, dinner dessert. The cake looks resplendent with freshly dotted plums that make the cake silky in texture.

All the above mentioned baked recipes are not just Easter recipes, but have more or less become a holiday classic for every season. These are easy, traditional and bear an element of festivity in them, making them apt for festivals.