Planning A Birthday Party For Your Child

Birthday Party For Your Child Arranging birthday party for your child, of any age, is always fun, but it might pose some challenges too. As children grow up, their likings, their friends, their tastes change. So cannot stick on the same plan for your child’s birthday party, year over year. You have to keep changing according to his/her age.

Planning For A Birthday Party

Start Planning In Advance

First, make the guest list along with your child. For toddlers, you will have to invite their parents too. But for children nearing five years, you can plan for an all kids party. Guests can be her school friends or neighbourhood friends. Don’t leave anyone important, but keep the numbers manageable.

Birthday Party Ideas For Teenagers

The planning for your child’s birthday party should be done keeping your child’s age in mind Thus, the menu of the party should be child’s age-group friendly. Best is to ask your child about it, what is his/her friend’s choice of food. But try not to include junk, unhealthy food . Keep the food simple, less spicy and nutritious.

Getting Prepared For The Party

A child in the age group of five and above knows exactly how to behave in his/her party. But for the toddler you have to teach him/her to be friendly, say “thank-you” for the gifts, share their play-things etc. You must involve your child in the preparation by allowing him/her to select the cake flavour, theme of the party and games. This will make them feel important and in control, thus bringing out best behaviour in them.

Time And Duration Of The Birthday Party

For children less than five years of age, keep a comfortable timing which does not clash with their afternoon nap. Late morning timings with lunch or early evening with snacks is ideal for the toddlers. For older children, early evening, after school time is good.

Ideas For Kid Birthday Party

Try to keep the party short for little ones as longer stays make the young children restless and tired. Keep at least half an hour for food/snacks apart from the activities time. For children five years and above, two to two and half hours is alright. But end the party in stipulated time, so that children are not late for their studies.

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Send Out Clear Invitations

The two to five age group toddler’s birthday party invites must clearly mention whether accompanying parents are also welcomed to stay over and whether lunch or just snacks will be served. For older children, start and end time of party should be mentioned so that they can plan their studies/extra curricular classes accordingly.

Games And Activities Of The Party

For smaller children, games like freeze dance, decorate your party cap, ring-a-ring a roses, musical chairs, passing the parcel can be played.

Fun Birthday Party Activities For Children

While treasure hunt, quiz, jigsaw puzzles, whispers, bursting balloons etc. can be played by older children.

Goody Bag For Guests

Make suitable goody bags for the guests. For small children, you can put a small soft toy, fruit and candies in the goody bag. For older children, story books, activity books, small puzzle games can be put. Don’t forget to stick a thank-you note on the goody bag…on behalf of your child.

Having taken care of the venue, menu, invites, games, decorations and other essentials, planning for birthday party is over, now its time to enjoy! Some unexpected, unplanned things might happen as things never go smoothly with children. But try not to get upset. Take everything in your stride, put up a happy face, enjoy yourself and feel great by watching your child enjoying his/her most awaited birthday party.