Plan A Bash On Your Toddler’s Birthday

Babies always seem to grow so fast and very soon they learn their first words and take their first steps! Each passing year brings the message that your little one growing. I am sure that you like every parent would love to celebrate the growing years of your baby so that not only your baby but even you, maybe years later, relive these irrevocable moments. So if you’re planning to celebrate your toddler’s birthday I have some great ideas to make the task a bit easier. Remember, your toddler has no idea of what parties exactly are and therefore have nil expectations from you, so don’t go ahead with extravagant planning and expenditure.

Plan A Bash On Your Toddler's Birthday

Tips Plan A Bash On Toddler’s Birthday

Who To Invite And How

At this tender age most toddlers do not have socializing capabilities and so it’ll be better if you limit your guest list to a few toddlers only. It’ll not only make the kids comfortable but also save you the tremendous task of handling a room full of toddlers.

Plan A Bash On Your Toddler's Birthday

Invite friends from the day care or the neighbor hood. You may also ask the parents to stay back for the party so that they can look after their own kids. For the invitations you can opt for home made ones as you’ll be inviting only a handful of guests. A picture of you kid or some hand painting should be enough.

The Right Time

Most toddlers take a nap at noon so plan your timing and duration accordingly. The time after the noon-nap is perfect for such occasions. You may also consult with the other parents and adjust the party time. The duration of your party should also be small as at this age the kids have limited energy.


The most suitable place to host a toddler party is your home where you can arrange things any way you want. If you want to get away from an after-party clean up, you can opt for choosing a small hall or garden.

Plan A Bash On Your Toddler's Birthday

Ensure that the hall is cheerfully decorated to suit the mood of the occasion. The toddlers at this age have learnt that legs are for walking, so ensure that the party area has safe boundaries.


Do not opt for complicated themes as chances are that most toddlers won’t understand it. Think about what your child likes or what makes him laugh. You may opt for a CLOWN theme, and decorate the house with colorful streamers and banners, the cake could be a clown’s face and you could even someone dress-up as a clown to cheer the kids.

The JUNGLE theme is also popular with animal shaped cake and foods. A FAIRY theme is a good option where all you need is colorful decorations and posters of famous fairies like Tinkerbell and the cake could be a fairy-shaped and you could even give crowns and paper-wings to the guests to look like fairies themselves. You can play nursery songs for them too.

Let’s Play

Do not plan any games as the toddlers would automatically play with each other or their parents; however you may keep coloring books for them to color or play passing the parcel after giving them clear instructions. Make sure all of them get a gift to avoid teary-eyed guests.

Plan A Bash On Your Toddler's Birthday

Arrange for them to wear cute masks and blow blowers and whistles as kids love making noise! If you’re having the party outside you may arrange for a bouncy castle for the kids to have some fun. You could also let them play with balls and strollers but make sure all the activities are well supervised.

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What To Bite On

You should opt for small bite-size food like mini muffins, ice-creams, jellies, shakes or juices and sandwiches. Make sure you keep the portions small so that not much is wasted and kids can have second helpings too. The cake should be something that the birthday kid loves. It could match your theme or you may select a cartoon shaped cake say Mickey Mouse or Pooh.

Party Bags

All kids love gifts and goodies.

Plan A Bash On Your Toddler's Birthday

Make colorful party bags filled with candies, small plastic toys, small soft toys, coloring books and crayons and just about anything that comes to your mind.

Tips For A Good Party

• If you’re asking parents to stay make sure your toddler party is not hampered, arrange for food and drinks for the parents too but don’t make it a second party.
• Have toys around so that toddlers may play with them.
• Opt for paper plates and spill-proof glasses.
• Do not have the gift-opening session during the party as all the toddlers have no idea what gift giving is.
• Keep short games so the toddlers understand and are not bores.
• Keep paper napkins handy.
• Toddlers are always messy so arrange for mats instead of carpets on floor.