Places For A Victorian Wedding Near A Beach

Places For A Victorian Wedding Near A Beach Imagine the scene: you and your to-be-spouse facing each other, as the soft sea winds ruffle the hair lightly and you pronounce, ‘I do!’ Isn’t that wonderful? Making promises for a better tomorrow of each other with the serene, blue ocean watching the whole preparation and the sea gulls flying far away.

Having a Victorian style wedding near a beach is a perfect way to conclude the speculations the bride had been making since her childhood. The scenario is even more beautiful when the whole thing is happening at sunset or sunrise.

The setting

If you are planning the wedding on a beach, plan ahead. There are numerous options to set the scene for the wedding. We are offering some below.


A bamboo canopy is a square area, made with four upright bamboos (standing straight on each corner) and each of them connected with the adjacent one, with a bamboo at the top. You get the idea and now, you can improvise on the same. It is one of the best as it allows a view of everything to everyone.

Wedding Arch

This is a vintage setting, used over and over again but still holds its place in everyone’s heart. This arch is made up with bamboo, decorated with flowers and curtains and all. You may also add to this setting some Bali wedding flags. The path to the wedding arch (podium) may be decorated keeping in mind all the other preparations. If you are planning to marry at sunset, you may have torches placed along the archway.

If you are not comfortable marrying your partner under the glaze of the sun (in the open), do not despair. There are various other venues, ballrooms, etc., which will provide the luxury of marrying in the comfort of A.C. and also have a Beach view. How is that?

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There are such banquet rooms, which offer the facility of marrying in almost the same atmosphere, with the sea looking over and the blue sky shining overhead. In addition to this, the places also have chandeliers, high ceilinged rooms, rich colors, etc.

Places For A Victorian Wedding Near A Beach

Some venues have the capacity to hold a vast number of 250 guests but on the request of the organizers, the place can also be converted into smaller rooms; perfect for close and intimate gathering.

Shelter Island

Another great location for such a Victorian styled beach wedding is at the Shelter Island. This place has 17 guest rooms, ocean views and a restaurant. The hall also has the capacity to hold 200 individuals. In addition to all these things, the couple has the choice of having the reception either inside or outside.


In Seal Beach, California, there’s an estate for the purpose to hold weddings. The couple has the option to wed at the beach or in the garden, with the palm trees looking over. The place has a capacity of 275 guests. Do not compromise your childhood dreams for a bit of cash. When you are having your dreams come true, spend a little more to have them hung over in the living room.

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