Picturesque Prom Decorations Ideas

Prom Prom is a high school dream of hundreds of students in a particular year. All students gear up for this affair with a lot of preparation and enthusiasm. The organizing team also does the best it can to give a fabulous promenade to all students. In addition, the decor at the event has to be of top class quality.

Great efforts and excitement on everybody’s part ends up creating a wonderful memory. Thus, to realize and produce this dreamy memory, here’s a list of fantastic decorations ideas to give the prom a picturesque effect.

Top Prom Decorations Ideas

Entrance & Foyer

A Red Carpet can be arranged for giving the students a grand feel. An Arch can be constructed at one end of the entrance of the venue. The arch should be decorated with beautiful and fresh flowers and a banner should be put up reading “Class of 2013”.

Entrance and Foyer for prom decoration

A photographer should be asked to take the students’ photographs as they enter the venue with their partners, serving as a memory for the yearbook. The other end of the entrance can have a water fountain, if preferred.

Venue Decor

The venue for the prom should be decorated with everything sparkly and dazzling. The place should be lit up with lantern globes and chandeliers hanging from the ceiling.

Vibrant fabric drapes can be used on the walls and columns. To add to this, string lights can be circled up around the columns to give a colorful appeal to the set up. Decorative danglers like metallic stars and balloons can be utilized too all over the venue.

Thematic Decor

Decoration standees and posters as per the planned theme can also be positioned at various corners. For instance, for a Casino theme, slot machines can be placed around the venue.

Disney theme for prom

If the theme is Hollywood, famous actors’ standees and movie posters can be put up as wall decors. Similarly, for a Disney theme, Disney character standees can be positioned to add to the venue decor.

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Memory Wall

Another wall decoration idea is to set up a memory wall. This wall can be highlighted with streamers and curled ribbons.

At the center of this decorative stuff, photos that the school has been able to gather can be glued as a surprise for all students. They will all be in awe and overwhelmed by this sweet and out of the ordinary gesture of their Alma Mater.

Dance Floor

No prom is complete without a dance floor. A dance floor should be arranged at the venue with a raised stage and LED lights underneath the floor. The danglers of metallic stars used around the venue can be hung over the dance floor as well. Mirror disco balls are other necessary decorative danglers for the dance floor.

dance floor for prom

Disco light stands should be positioned at intervals too. For creating a romantic atmosphere on the floor, red light wires can be arranged on tree like structures and placed around it.

An essential must have for any prom are the king and queen thrones that should be placed at a special decorated corner for the winners to be announced later in the evening. The prom is sure to look pretty and picturesque if the above decorations are organised and implemented beautifully.