4 Perfect Wedding Theme Decorations For The Perfect Wedding

Tips On Perfect Wedding Theme Decorations

The theme of the wedding is very important because it is what makes a wedding different from all the others. In order to create the perfect theme, you need to follow the theme from the food, music and decorations.

Tips On Perfect Wedding Theme Decorations

Wedding theme decorations complete the theme of the wedding. You can create any atmosphere or setting that you want if you use the right wedding theme decorations.

Tips On Perfect Wedding Theme Decorations

A Nature Theme Wedding

If both of the couples are nature lovers and wish to have a nature wedding then the perfect venue would be a park, garden or any open space where there is a lot of greenery.

To decorate for the wedding, you can use all natural materials to decorate the venue. The perfect wedding theme decorations would be wild flowers, some tree branches and other natural materials.

If possible, the wedding theme decorations used should be all organic materials. The flower arrangements should be done in a way where they appear as if they are just growing in the wild to complete the wedding theme decorations for the nature wedding.

Nature Theme Wedding

A Winter Wonderland Wedding

Winter is a very romantic time of the year and it would be perfect as a theme for a wedding. This theme would be perfect for any time of the year even if it is not winter. You only need the right wedding theme decorations to create a winter wonderland for the wedding even if it is the middle of summer outside.

For the tables, the wedding theme decorations to use are white poinsettias, pine branches and candles. The white poinsettias can be arranged on the pine branches. Scatter a few pine cones and arrange some candles to complete the wedding theme decorations for the tables.

The pine branches can also be used to create archways for both the wedding ceremony venue and the reception venue. The branches will then be filled with more white flowers and white lights.

Winter Wonderland Wedding

A Beach Theme Wedding

For couples who love the beach then a beach theme wedding would be perfect. The flowers to use for the wedding theme decorations would be tropical flowers that would remind the guests of tropical beaches in exotic countries. The venue for the wedding reception can be decorated with beach balls, lanterns and beach umbrellas.

To decorate the tables, the wedding theme decorations should include some white sand, sea shells, tropical flowers, drift wood and some candles. Just scatter the white sand in the middle of the table, place the drift wood in the middle and then arrange the tropical flowers on the branches.

To complete the wedding theme decorations for the tables, scatter the sea shells around the table and arrange the candles. A great idea for wedding theme decorations for a beach theme would be to use fish bowls filled with beautiful colorful fishes and placing those on the middle of the tables together with some candles and flowers.

Beach Theme Wedding

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A Medieval Theme Wedding

For the medieval wedding, the wedding theme decorations that can be used would be candelabras, rich fabrics, mirrors and of course the flowers. You can place the candelabras on the tables and arrange some flowers and candles.

A chandelier would also be perfect to illuminate the entire room. A few swords and shields hanging on the walls would also be perfect for the medieval wedding theme decorations.

Medieval Theme Wedding