Perfect Gifts For Your Dad This Father’s Day

Now that Father’s Day is around the corner, everyone is busting their moves, trying to figure out what to get for their respective fathers. It can be a very difficult situation to be in, especially if you do not know what your father likes. Giving him a “safe” gift like a tie or a pair of shirts and trousers is not going to cut it. You, on the other hand, need to get more creative, as this way, he will appreciate the fact that you went to lengths to get him something which he likes.

Perfect Gifts For Your Dad This Father's Day

Gifts for Father’s Day

Livescribe Pen

Due to over use, the idea of a neck-tie has been made redundant the world over. It is time to come up with some unique set of gifts for the most important male member of your family, your Dad. One of the best gifts he will appreciate is a LiveScribe pen. These things act as the link between the past and the present. We all know that nobody likes to write these days.

Perfect Gifts For Your Dad This Father's Day

With the advent of technology, our preferences for the writing medium have also changed manifold. May it be a tablet, an over effective laptop, or even mobile phones to write on, everything spells success in a different way. Your father is a throwback to the days when they simply did not make use of such gadgets as they do now.

There were no laptops, no fancy computers and no cell-phones, for texting and chatting. In the olden days, if they wanted to note down something, they used a simple pen and a piece of paper. The Livescribe pen attempts to merge both these factors into one. It writes as a regular pen as well as records and scans what is being written.

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Game Tickets

The next unique gift you can gift your dad is tickets. Note that most people will come up with boring ties and shirts and the likes for Father’s Day gifts. By gifting your dad tickets, you can make him enjoy what he likes. If he has a favourite sport, then get him season long home tickets for his favourite team.

He will be walking around with his head held high and with a smile on his face for the rest of the year. And the best thing, he will remember about your thoughtful gift every time he goes to watch a match!

Coffee Maker

Perfect Gifts For Your Dad This Father's Day

Another interesting gift is a coffee-maker. If your old man likes his cup of coffee daily, then this would be the ideal gift for him. Rather than holding on to some ratty, old coffee-maker that makes coffee feel like rust, it is time to upgrade and do it in style. Think about all the times when he bought you things when you were a kid; now is the time to do your bit.

If you are lost about which coffee maker to buy, then my guess would be to go for the Aeropress, for it is economical, portable and makes coffee all the more enjoyable and worth relishing. These are some of the innovative gifts that you can come up with, come Father’s Day! After all, it’s time for you to make him feel special when he has been doing that for you all these years!