7 Peacock Wedding Theme Interesting Ideas

Peacock Wedding Theme

Ideas For Peacock Wedding Theme

What does a peacock feather remind you of? Blues, greens, yellows and oranges – all bright and vibrant. And yet classy, elegant and chic. Right? Well that is what you need to keep in mind when you have chosen a “peacock theme’ for your wedding.

Once you have this thought in place you can go wild with the colors that you choose to use. It could be wine red, burgundy red, turquoise blue, aquamarine blue, emerald green, sea green or even gold and flaming orange. Almost the entire color palette is yours to choose from.

Ideas For Peacock Wedding Theme 


Invitations For Peacock Wedding Theme

Stick a peacock feather on the envelope of the invitation cards. You could also have the painting of a peacock printed on your invites. Design the card in colors of the peacock feather. A yellow or a golden background with deep blue or deep green writing on it is sure to create a dazzling effect.

Wedding Bouquet

When wondering what the bride could hold you could opt for a bouquet of purple orchids together with green ferns and baby’s breath. Else a bunch of purple pansies and orange roses would also go with the peacock theme. The bride’s maids could be given smaller bouquets of blue bachelor’s buttons or purple lilacs with white daisies or yellow sunflowers and white roses.

Bouquet For Peacock Wedding Theme

Bride’s Maids Dresses

They could wear a blue, satin, short backless dress with ivory colored shoes (add blue, green and yellow pearls and beads to it).  The bride’s maids would also look equally gorgeous in a long flowing emerald green halter neck gown with dangling silver peacock feather earrings. Make head bands of peacock feathers for the extra effect.

Bride’s Maids Dresses For Peacock Wedding

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Bride And Groom

Add a touch of color to the bride’s white wedding dress by giving her a pair of sapphire and jade earrings or a topaz and coral dangler. The groom could wear a deep blue or a deep green bow instead of the traditional black one just to fit in with the wedding theme. He could also pin a peacock feather to his tuxedo.

Bride And Groom Dress For Peacock Wedding


Imagine the excitement amongst the guests if you manage to have a few real peacocks roaming around in the church ground on the wedding day. Use flowers like bluebells, buttercups, roses, carnations etc. and add ferns to it to decorate the wedding area and the pews too. You could also use blue and purple ribbons for the pew decor.

Decorations For Peacock Wedding Theme

Table Centerpiece

Cut out small circles of cardboard paper and paint them with colors of the peacock feather. Decorate the tables with these. Get candles that are orange, yellow, blue and green in color and make them the table centerpiece. Place small crystal vases in the center and fill them with peacock feathers and small twigs (color them gold or silver if you want to add shimmer and shine to your decor). Have a green floral centerpiece – use paper, satin, lace, pearls and beads to create this effect.

Table Centerpiece For Peacock Wedding Theme

Wedding Cake

Place a marzipan or sugar peacock on top of the traditional white wedding cake. Make a four tiered cake with each tier having one color from the peacock’s feather. Have a white wedding cake and decorate the border with sugar ‘feather’ frosting. So go ahead and enjoy your peacock theme wedding!

Cake For Peacock Wedding Theme