5 Outstanding Beach Wedding Cakes

Beach Wedding Cakes

A beach wedding is extremely glamorous and intimate, the serene atmosphere, lures in the most romantic feeling. Your wedding day should be a memorable day for you and all the guests who attend the function.

Let your special day be a stand out and bake these, awe-inspiring beach themed wedding cake. When guests see the cake itself, they can totally relate to the mood of the function. Opt for the cake you are able to make at home.

Types Of Beach Wedding Cakes

Emerald 3 Tier Cake With Shells

Emerald 3 Tier Cake With Shells

This is a very easy cake to bake, choose a traditional fruit cake rich, with dry fruits and nuts. Make it in 3 different sizes, the biggest one being the lowest layer and then arranged in that order. It is preferred to use a, square shape or a circle baking tray.

The best icing for this cake is a fondant icing and give a tinge of emerald colour, this is the best colour scheme for a beach themed wedding. Carve out different shaped shells with fondant icing and decorate the top of the cake.

Cake With The Bride And The Groom

Cake With The Bride And The Groom

Make a large square chocolate brownie, with a liberal sprinkling of walnuts and cashew nuts. The crunch in the cake gives the difference in the texture. Decorate the cake with blue butter cream frosting; give a rustic finish to the butter cream by making swirls with a knife. Carve out the image of the bride and the groom with fondant icing and wearing a swim suit. This would be an excellent personalized cake for a beach wedding.

Sand Castle

Sand Castle

The sand castle is the best cake, which depicts a beach theme. You can opt for your favourite flavour, for the cake, can keep it simple with a sponge cake. Tower up the cakes; cover the cake with a butter frosting, by adding brown gel colour. Crumble few wafers in the processor and sprinkle this on the cake this depicts the sand.

Use ice-cream cones, and put this upside down so this can depict the towers this is a fabulous cake and the crunchy texture adds taste to the cake.

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Cruise Ship

Cruise Ship

If the bride and the groom are having a cruise honeymoon, this is the best cake to go with the whole theme. Opt for a chocolate cake and cut the cake into two triangles and arrange in on a tray and make in the shape of a ship. Decorate the cake with royal icing and give the colour you would love.

Make a sail and an anchor with the fondant icing and decorate the top of the cake with colourful candies and silver beads. To depict water decorate the tray with blue butter cream icing.

Coral Cake

Coral Cake

Make an orange cake with generous, pieces of semi-sweet chocolate bar, cut into small pieces. This cake on its own is delicious. Decorate the cake with fondant icing, make corals out of fondant icing and another innovative method is to ice grape stems and these resemble corals on the cake.

Carve out multi-coloured fishes, and stick it on the sides of the cake, this depicts the sea itself, with its wonderful creatures feasting on the yummy cake. Bake these remarkable cakes and be the trendsetter, let others want to have a wedding like your dream day.