2 Nightmare Before Christmas Decorations

Nightmare Before Christmas Decorations

Everyone who enjoys hilariously spooky flicks will have watched Tim Burton’s famous animated film, Nightmare before Christmas. Featuring immortal characters like Jack Skellington, Sally, Zero the ghostly dog, Oogie Boogie, and the comic-ghoulish trio Lock, Stock and Barrel, Nightmare before Christmas decorations are sure to be a hit with children.

If you like a decorating theme that combines both Halloween and Christmassy décor, these decorations are the perfect choice for you. Since the Nightmare before Christmas decorating theme features a singularly fascinating blend of Christmas and Halloween rudiments, you can use it as decorations for both holidays.

Nightmare Before Christmas Decorations

Using Store-Bought Nightmare Before Christmas Decorations

Bought Nightmare

There are many decorative items based on this theme available at the market. Online stores like Disney’s offer various items like Jack Skellington face ornaments, and Lock, Stock and Barrel ornaments. You can also purchase “Nightmare before Christmas” ornaments, wreaths and Christmas trees from Amazon.com and other stores.

For Halloween, you can make use of these store-bought decorations to create a unique look for your home. Put up the Jack Skellington face ornaments on a wire above doors and windows to greet trick-or-treating kids and friends. These cute ornaments feature Jack’s various facial expressions, from comic to creepy. Additional décor like Jack O’ Lanterns, black and purple drapes and streamers will accentuate the theme.

For Christmas, you can put up a Nightmare before Christmas themed tree and set up Blow-up figures of Jack Skellington, Sally, Zero, and other characters, complete with red hats, and red and green scarves for extra Christmassy appeal. Apart from using ornaments, you can also use the movie merchandise like posters and banners to decorate your home.

DIY Nightmare Before Christmas Decorations

If you want to decorate your home without spending too much money, you can make your own ornaments, streamers, and other décor. Use paper or cheap plastic black spiders and spider webs to decorate the corners of your home. Use black netting to cover the curtains on your windows and string up some handmade paper mache figurines and ornaments based on the Nightmare before Christmas theme.

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To make paper mache ornaments, simply use strips of old newspaper and paste to cover an old plastic ball. Once it is dry you can cut it in half, remove the ball, and then join it together again with additional newspaper strips. Paint it all over with orange, purple, black and grey acrylic paint or paint the faces of Jack Skellington, Sally and the other movie characters. Make as many as you like and put them up over windows, doors, and even string them across the ceiling. Use a combination of black, orange and purple streamers to decorate the ceiling and walls.

DIY Nightmare

Paint a silhouette of Jack and Sally on Moonlight Hill on a wall. Even a simple black framed pencil or charcoal sketch of Jack or Oogie boogie can add an extra decorative touch to your home. Go ahead and take the décor out into your yard. Use painted cardboard and poster board tombstones, cutouts of the movie characters, and Jack O’ Lanterns to create a unique Halloween look for your front yard.

For Christmas, you can use the same decorations, but add a few extra touches by using cardboard cutouts and posters of Jack Skellington dressed as Santa, fake snow, black wreaths, and a Christmas tree decorated with homemade Nightmare before Christmas ornaments.