New Year’s Home Decoration Ideas

New Year's Home Decoration Ideas

New Year’s is one of the festivities that are celebrated all around the globe. It is the onset of a new year and the end of an old one. With this, it brings along new hopes, new opportunities and new aspirations. People start making aims and resolutions that they are going to follow in the coming time.

It is very special and something that gives each one of us a strong reason to celebrate and spread happiness. This should be reflected not only through us but also our homes that we are all set to welcome the New Year with pomp and grandeur. Home decorations and New Year’s parties are quite a common scenario. The following tips can be used for exclusive home decorations this year.

New Year’s Home Decoration Ideas

Choose a Colour Combination

One of the first successfully decorating ideas for New Year’s is to choose a colour theme that you are going to follow. This can be a single colour or a combination of 2-3 colours.

Color Combination for party decorations

This will define and dominate the decorations in the house starting from the balloons to table ware and from hangings to even as simple as the packing of the gifts for guests. This idea will make you win half the battle of attractive decor for the home.

Use Balloons

Balloons are not only a universal decor item that can be used in any of the occasions starting from birthdays to weddings and Christmas to New Year’s, they are also pocket friendly.

Balloon decoration

The idea is to make bunches of balloons and put them at different places in the house. These can be of the colour you have chosen. The same can be done for the main door where you can also place a string of balloons covering the entire border of the door.

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White Lights

White lights that are available as a string of small bulbs can be placed across the house and hanged like we hand streamers. It can hand from ceiling to the ground or else on the ceiling from one point to another. This will add the gleam and sparkle that is much needed in New Year’s decoration.

Use An Ornamental Chandelier

You can make an ornamental chandelier at home using the decor items and ornaments from Christmas. This will help you make use of the decor items that you have already spent in and in an exclusive manner.

Ornamental Chandelier decoration

It will also make the decor for New Year’s a little affordable. These can be tied together using strong threads or wires and made like a bunch. Hang it in special areas like dropping it from the ceiling just above the dining table or in the living room. It will add a special touch to your decor.

Handmade Streamers

Handmade streamers to decorate house

Do not use the same monotonous designs of streamers available in the market. Create streamers at home using gold and silver foils, small decor pieces, paper flowers, bells and more. These can be hung on the wall from one corner to another and is definitely an idea that will make the decor all the more elite and rare.