New Year Party Decoration Tips

New Year Party Decoration Every year, New Year eve brings with it lots of promise, hope and energy for upcoming year. Obviously each one of us wants to celebrate it in the most fabulous way.

We want to have fun and want our guests to enjoy the party most. Party decoration becomes a very important component for any successful party. Your guests make first impressions about your hosting skills and also kind of assume how much are they going to enjoy the party the moment they enter in. If you are planning to organize New Year party and are running out of ideas then this article can help you get great ideas for party decoration.

New Year Party decoration Tips

Decoration At Entrance

Decoration at entrance of your home must be eye catching and fun. The guests should get an instant idea about the fun elements of party the moment they step in. For doing so, you can make a wreath from flowers and streamers. Hang some interesting things like whistles, blowouts and noise makers on it.

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You can also hang a small interesting caption near the wreath informing the guests that the one who will blow the noisemakers at loudest pitch will get a surprise gift. This will instantly make your party entertaining.

Decoration In The Living Room

In the living room, you can make an interesting showpiece by putting on lots of fancy lights on a Christmas tree. You can also add stars, balloons and other interesting things on it.  The corner will instantly jazz up with beautiful lights and colorful decorations. You can also hang a colorful banner declaring arrival of new year. You can make one with the help of streamers, ribbons and glitters or can buy a readymade banner from market.

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Decoration In The Kitchen

Take two transparent jars and fill them with colorful candies. Keep them neatly in a tray and place on the work top. Your guests can enjoy eating candies as they stride in and out of kitchen.

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You can also tie colorful streamers on the stems of champagne glasses. They just make your drinks more ‘colorful’.

Decoration In Party Area

Take some balloons and fill them with candies and confetti. Hang them on the walls in bunches. When the clock strikes 12, you can burst them and can welcome New Year with lots of colorful candies and confetti scattered around. Place a beautiful flower vase on the party table. You can also put some bowls of floating candles on the table. Adding some petals in the bowl of floating candles will give it a very serene look.

Last but not least, keep entire home neat and clean and nicely draped. Throw in colorful cushions, rugs and bed spreads in your home. Clean entire house thoroughly including toilets, bathrooms and backyard. Specks of dirt lying on your dressing table or side chair will not leave a good impression on your guests. Make sure to replace old hand towels with clean and crisp ones before the party starts.