Necessary Safety Tips For Prom Nights

Necessary Safety Tips For Prom Nights For most of the teenagers prom night is a golden opportunity for a late night celebration with their classmates. They always do their best to look good and try to party hard and harder. It is one of the most memorable days of the year for them.

But unfortunately the parents think otherwise. It seems to be the most nightmarish night for them. It is fact that the parents will always be worried for their kids’ safety on prom night. But it is also true that the kids may really face some grave dangers on prom night. So, it is better to take some preventive measures for their safety.

Here are some safety tips that should be strictly followed on prom nights. We recommend two parts of safety tips. Part one is for the parents and part two for the teens.

Safety Tips For Parents

Try to get involved in your kid’s planning in advance. Never forget to know the names of the other prom- goers and the names of their parents. It will be better if you note down the names and phone numbers of their parents. You may need them in adverse situation.
You need to be strict but at the same time reasonable. Strictly fix the rules like with whom they will be, how much time they can spend there or what they must not do on prom etc. Set out rules but do not let them think that you are ruining their night.

Talk to your teen about sex and violence in prom. He or she should know about the risks associated with sex at young age. Talk to them about the dangers of underage drinking and driving. Teach them how they should respond in an unwanted situation. Discuss with other parents about renting a car for the especial night.

It is safe and you will be assured about that there will be no irresponsible driving. You should always be available on phone. They may need you to pick them up any time from the prom. Give them permission to borrow your cell phone on this especial occasion. Remember that you have a right and responsibility to be sure about their safety but by no means humiliate them in front of others.

Safety Tips For Teens

First of all, always keep your parents and friends informed about your activities on prom night. Your parents should know where you are and where you are going. If they know your whereabouts then it will easy for them to contact you in emergency.

Always remember that underage driving and drinking are illegal. So, do not consume alcohol on prom night. Make sure that your driver is not drunk and underage. Do not drive the car just to impress your friends. It will be best if you find a safe driver before your prom night. Never accept drinks from any strangers and if you leave your glass anywhere then discard it immediately on return.

Finally, you need to trust your instincts. If you feel that the situation is going to take undesirable or uncomfortable turn then immediately leave the place.

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