Most Unique Wedding Shower Cake Ideas

Monogram Cakes With The Couple’s Initials A wedding shower is the beginning of a couple’s journey of their life together. It’s a special occasion and a time for fun and excitement. It marks the first step to being a married couple. On this special occasion a party is planned and the couple is given something to cherish for the rest of their lives.

The party should contain all the important factors that would make it memorable, but the most important being the Wedding shower cake.

The Specialty Of A Bridal Shower Cake

One of the most important factors that need to be taken care of is the types of cake that is made for a couple’s wedding shower party. There are many different Wedding shower cake ideas that are available on the internet and many wedding planner’s include setting up this occasion as well.

Experts that deal with such bridal showers usually come up with the best ideas that suit the couple and their story. Here are some of the most exciting wedding shower cakes.

24 Carat Ring Cake

This is one of the most common and stunning ideas for a bridal shower. With two to three layers of cake made from the flavor that is desired, this cake has a ring, or two rings poking out of the top adjoined together.

24 Carat Ring Cake

It should look as though half the ring is inside the cake and the bottom half of the cake can be designed either as a jewelry box or just a round cushion. It would look great with white icing and the ring can be colored gold or silver with a glittery diamond.

Monogram Cakes With The Couple’s Initials

This cake can be made of the couple’s favorite flavors that they enjoy the most. The cake can either be square, or round or any shape for that matter. The initials of the couple are engraved or made with icing on the top of the cake to give it that personal touch. The top of the cake should be flat to help enhance the pattern and design of the initials. This cake would be best made in chocolate with a cocoa or castor sugar dusting of the initials on the top.

Pearls And Petals Cake

This cake is one of the most elegant and subtle cakes that can be made on a bridal shower. The entire cake should be white, with beautiful fondant pearls decorating the sides of the cake, twirling right around.

Pearls And Petals Cake

The cake should have at least three layers and should have contrasting floral designs and petals on each layer. The pearls would look extremely elegant and the vibrant color of the flowers would give it a very classy look.

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Wedding Gown And Tuxedo Cake

This cake is a fun and exciting cake that can be used at a bridal shower. Out of all the Wedding shower cake ideas; this one is the most appropriate. With two cakes adjoining each other, one should have the outline of a wedding dress with the lace and layers and the other cake should have the black tuxedo with a tiny bow tie. The cake should be single layered and the size depends on the number of people invited to the bridal shower.

Wedding Gown And Tuxedo Cake

These are a few simple yet unique ideas for the perfect bridal shower cake. Anyone can come up with a great idea for one. So if you have a friend who is getting married soon and needs help on choosing the right cake to match the occasion of her wedding shower, offer her some of these ideas or even your own and hopefully she would choose one of them!