Most Unique Cocktail Wedding Favors

Giving wedding favors is a great concept to welcome the guests. So in that perspective cocktail wedding favors are really unique to serve this purpose. As the name suggests wedding is going to be a rocking party. It’s a very unique and modern way to favor your guest.

You and your guest will celebrate the special event in a very memorable and cheerful way for sure. If you go with this theme then you will have plenty of options available in your hand. Some of the most favorable options could be from the given list:

Cocktail Wedding Favor Ideas

Small Champagne Bubble Favors

It’s going to be a wonderful idea if you choose champagne as your wedding favor. So, Small Champagne Bubble Favor cost around $12 to $13 and that comes in a set of 24 pieces. Each bottle is green and golden in color.

Small Champagne Bubble Favors

Guests are going to love this as we all know from centuries champagne is a symbol of victory and celebration. So, if you want to display your warm hospitality then you should go for champagne favor.

Personalized Cosmopolitan Drink Mix Favor

As the name suggests it’s a very sophisticated drink and your guest are going to cheer for your wedding with every sip in the future. Cost wise it’s also affordable. It’s around $1.32 for 144 or more. It comes with many designs and this option gives you the flexibility to choose from a wide range of design. You can personalize with your name and date. So, now your guests have an option to remember the special occasion in a grand and sophisticated way.

Martini Glass Favor Kit

Now, you can cheer up as you have a wonderful option to make your wedding a memorable day for your guests with the Martini Glass Favor kit.

Martini Glass Favor Kit

It’s a beautiful set comprising of 24 pieces and costs only $27.50 and apart from this, the packet contains 24 tulle circles of nine inches, 24 satin ribbons of 12 inches, 24 printable tags of 3 inches and sheets, two set respectively. The set itself looks so cute that you don’t need to add anything to its beauty.

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Bride and Groom Chrome Heart Wine Stopper and Corkscrew Set

Among the various options available for cocktail wedding favor the Bride and Groom Chrome Heart Wine Stopper and Corkscrew Set is the most suitable option to make the event a unique and special one. This set consists of two things- a corkscrew and open heart chrome bottle stopper. And in the background it has black beautiful velvet and packaged in a black gift box. And both the parts are designed as enjoyable bride and groom. And this wonderful favor comes just in $12.20.

Love Knot Bottle Stopper

It comes with a beautiful packet and as the shape itself tells the story about bonding. So, you can make your wedding special with this gift for your guests. The packet contains 6 pieces and cost only $17.64. So, now you have an option which is economical, cute and loveable.

Love Knot Bottle Stopper

And it also gives a message to all the invitees that love is eternal.So, if you are planning for cocktail wedding favors then you can take up any of the above options that will certainly make your wedding a very special one for your guests.